What to do with Your Velcro Patches?

Do you have plenty of velcro patches at home and don’t know what to do with them anymore? Well, you don’t need to keep your velcro patch collection in a drawer. Know that a professional framer can display it for free, but wouldn’t it be so nice if you display these patches on your own? These DIY patch displays that we listed below are a great alternative. There are so many options, you’re sure to find something to inspire!

Different Ways to Display Velcro Patches

  • Shadow Box and Pins

The most common thing that collectors use to showcase their collection is their shadow box. A shadow box has enough space to display your velcro patches. You can even add padded backing to make it easier for you to pin your patches. Take note that stainless steel pins should be as thin as possible.

  • Framed Cork Board

Even a simple cork board can be used to displace your velcro patches if you want to. Or you can paint a cork board to create a different look than the one you have. You should try it! This display is quick and easy without a glass front.

  • Quilt

If you have made the quilt from old Scout patches, it is ideal for your child to bring to camp. You can also keep it in your RV if it was made from souvenirs from trips. Although it is heavy, the quilt is very warm and sturdy.

  • Backpack

You can make a backpack just for them, if the patches are ones, you would be proud to show off while out and about. This backpack can be used to display the Junior Ranger velcro patches and badges while the child explores and earns another badge. You don’t need to make a backpack special. You can simply add patches to any backpack you already have. But take note that you must be careful in putting the velcro patches in your backpack, and perhaps, you can ask for the assistance of an elderly. 

  • Vest
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The vest has the same design as the backpack and can be worn to display your patches. Also, there are plenty of people who were amazed once they see a vest full of patches.  To show my Junior Ranger badges, I made a vest for each of my children. They are full now.

  • Tote Bag

A simple canvas tote bag is a great option if you enjoy sewing but want to keep it simple. Plus, you get to use this bag every day and showcase your collection too. You can sew each velcro patch by machine or hand, and then you can get on with your day!

  • Poncho

The poncho can be one of the simplest projects to make. It’s made from wool felt or another warm, sturdy fabric and is a good surface to attach velcro patches for display too. To be safe, it is recommended that you use a heavyweight needle with a strong thread.

  • Poster Board, Hot Glue

There is no simpler solution than a poster board backing and a frame from a local store. (Pro tip: you can buy frames from thrift shops and just refinish them, and then hot glue to attach the velcro.)


There are surely plenty of ways for you to display your velcro patches so that they will not be kept in a corner. Whatever way you decide maybe, just be sure that you will take good care of your custom velcro patch so that all the efforts that you will be putting in will not be wasted.

Originally posted 2022-10-01 00:30:54.