Summer Wedding

The peak season for weddings in summer, who does not enjoy attending a celebration of love on a sunny day? You get to spend the whole day with your friends and family even after the sun goes down, without having to worry about rain or cold nights. But how can you make your summer wedding stand out from all those weddings happening at the same time? We have many tips for you to create a wedding everyone will remember for years.

Make It Memorable for the Right Reasons

Summer weddings are great, but they have a downside, for example, you could face a hot summer day with your guests under the ray of sun witnessing your ceremony, and they will forever remember how exhausting it was to wait until you exchange your vows. To avoid those situations, you need to think ahead and provide them with sunshade, parasols, water, and even sunscreen. And think about you and your officiant; for example, you can install any rentals wedding for a flawless look that sets up easy and compliment your ceremony. The best of all is you can set it up without having any particular skills by following a tutorial.

Be mindful about other elements like insects if you host an outdoor wedding; summer is their favorite season to be around once the sun sets; provide your guests with repellent and light up some citronella candles to keep them under control.

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Choose the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue

Hosting an outdoor wedding during the summer is a great idea; you can enjoy the warm weather and catch the sunset as the temperature lowers and the party starts. Plus, you can have the most amazing backdrop if you choose a wedding venue with a stunning view like the ocean, the forest, or any natural scenario.

Depending on your location, you should have a backup plan if the rain decides to make an appearance on your wedding day. Many locations have their peak rain season during the summer, making your wedding day unpredictable; always have a plan B just in case.

Create a Fresh and Memorable Menu

Summer days call for fresh food, so stay away from soups and hot plates; treat your guests with a menu crafted especially for a summer day. You can include fresh salads, fish and cold desserts like ice cream. Make sure everyone hydrates. You can have some water stations at your ceremony and around the dance floor, along with fresh cocktails.

Another great way to make your food and drinks memorable is to prefer local produce and vendors. Perhaps you are hosting a destination wedding on the beach. Welcome everyone with fresh coconut water or some citrus mojitos. If you are staying local, you can incorporate some of the best seasonal flavors everyone loves.

Setup Mood and Decorative Uplighting

Lighting has the power to change the mood and atmosphere of any room and venue. Depending on the style you look for, you can incorporate string lights, festoon lights, fairy lights, spotlights, and even a wedding light projector with a custom design, and the best part is you will not spend much because you can rent it online and set it up yourself.

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For outdoor weddings, you can install outside spotlights in your preferred color, add some other details such as candles or market lights across your venue or tent. They will make the space feel cozy and warm without much effort.

Pick Seasonal Blooms

Each season brings us certain flowers, which endure the temperatures of the months they bloom in. If you are hosting a summer wedding, ask your floral designer about seasonal flowers; even if they can source out-of-season flowers, they will most likely die due to the high temperatures. The best you can do is listen to your vendor and stay within the available flowers and foliage because they will look better and last longer even if you get married on the hottest day of summer at an outdoor location.

Choose the Right Wedding Attire

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable during a day you have planned for months. Choose your wedding dress and suit according to the season you are tying the knot in. Light and breathable fabrics will be your best friends, along with fewer layers of them. Linen, chiffon, organza, and tulle are some examples of summer-friendly fabrics. Let your guests know if you are hosting an outdoor wedding so they can also choose the right outfit. Heat might not be such a problem if you host an indoor wedding with available AC.

Plan for Some Refresh and Hydrating Moments

After your ceremony and before you enter your reception, schedule some time to freshen up your makeup, drink some water and stay off the sun. A few minutes will make the difference, and you will enter your reception looking fresh as a cucumber. Do the same if your photos happen during the grueling hours of sun.

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Summer weddings are the most popular for many reasons; they are convenient, comfortable, and fun. We all relate summer days to having a great time, whether by the beach or attending a one-of-a-kind wedding. If you are planning your wedding, always keep in mind your guests and anticipate their needs; they will always remember treasurable moments like your first dance if they felt comfortable, instead of remembering how hot that day was. For more helpful advice visit our blog for articles on DIY weddings.

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