Right Campsite

Camping is, for some, the worst possible way of spending their valuable holiday days from work, and they would much rather stay in a luxury, five-star hotel with all the amenities they could possibly think of.

For others, however, usually more free-spirited and adventurous types, camping is not only relaxing and exciting but also a great boost to their emotional health and well-being.

With this in mind, here is everything you need to know about camping.

Test Drive Your Tent Before You Leave

Especially if you have just bought a tent for this particular trip, firstly, your most important job is to trial pitch the tent along with its associated accessories before you leave.

This way, should there be an issue with any element of the tent, you can contact the supplier, but even more crucially, you need to know how to erect and dismantle the tent, so this is the ideal time to do just that. 

Always Spend Time Choosing the Right Campsite

When planning to take the family camping on the beach in Florida, for example, make sure you do your research and check out some authentic reviews, ideally from a couple of different websites, at the very least. 

Many family camping holidays are ruined by choosing the wrong site, and it is always best, where you can, to follow a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor’s personal recommendation. 

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Make the Change to Earlier Evening Meals

Nobody is going to volunteer to be the one to clear away all the pots and pans and give the portable stove the once over in the cold and dark, so for the duration of the camping trip, you should plan for earlier family meals.

This way, before the cold sets in, you will be safely zipped away in your tent, warm under blankets, and protected against the array of different insects that like to come out at dusk. 

Bring Enough Provisions to Stay Warm and Comfortable

For anyone’s first-ever camping trip, there will inevitably be one or two things you will not realize you want or need with you on vacation until you are unpacking your rucksack, but you must remember to at least bring the right belongings to ensure you are warm and cozy at night.

Make sure you invest in thick and high-quality sleeping bags, bring along your own pillows to lay down for comfort, and if you are sleeping on an air bed, make sure you bring a bottom blanket as well as an extra duvet to cover yourself.

Keep Your Living Space Tidy

Unlike in your house, where even if you are not swimming in extra rooms and floor space, you at least have a plethora of storage options to work with when wanting to keep your living area clear, in a tent, you have no option but to stay organized.

By all means, especially if you are staying in a campsite that allows this, keep larger and bulkier items in your car and fetch things as and when you need them.