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First of all, let’s get one thing out of the question; custom explainer videos are awesome. As they are tailor-made for your brand, you can rest assured that they will represent everything your company stands for, from products to quality and anything in between. And from all the research you may have done before landing here, perhaps this is the last question in your checklist “how long does it take to make a custom explainer video?”. 

Well, bucko, let’s cut the crap! It will take no less than 4-8 weeks to create a 1-minute custom explainer video, depending on the company you choose and the quality you desire. But is it all you want to know? Hmm…maybe not? 

Fact that custom explainer videos are complex from their very scriptwriting to production, involving close attention to detail, it’s essential to throw light at their different aspects to understand the reasons behind the time consumption. And telling from experience, one of your lazy friends might even have suggested you go with a template-based explainer video (which means destroying your brand with bare hands). 

Anyways, if you have come seeking some valuable details about a custom explainer video, how it’s better than a template-based one, how it helps, the basics, and some other tips and tricks, this article will answer a lot for you. So let’s get straight into it! 

Custom Explainer Video vs. Template-Based Explainer Video

If we compare, then both have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, a custom explainer video is more flexible, more inclusive, and provides a more personalized experience to the targeted audience. The creative possibilities are as far as your imagination. However, it costs 5 times more than a template-based explainer video, and the production phase is highly complex and time-consuming. 

On the other hand, template-based explainer videos are cheap in terms of budget and require less production time. However, when it comes to personalized experience and passing on brand narrative, finding a template that closely relates to your audience’s intent is an achievement. They don’t provide the much required features to help you intrigue the audience. In other words, you play by the pre-set rules. 

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Why Custom Explainer Video?

Your brand image is as good as you present it. And if you think a low-quality, template-based explainer video will do your business any good; you need to think again. Almost every serious business prefers custom-made explainer video because of its room for unlimited creative possibilities and engagement, which results in compelling content that is sure to generate leads and conversions. As Doug Brunner, an instructional designer at Techsmith, says:

“The main goal here is to get the right people on the elevator so that you can pass them the right message.” 

Remember, you want something that your targeted audience can relate to, with visuals that corroborate and reflect their daily struggles to pull some strings and powerfully present your product/service. And this is only achievable through custom video making, and most probably, something where templates struggle. 

Your video is a flop and can be detrimental to your overall brand image if the visuals don’t compliment your message. It’s always good to make one hefty investment instead of going cheap. Otherwise, it might result in the ultimate downfall of the whole marketing campaign. 

What Is The Process Involved in Making an Explainer Video?

As a client hiring a video production/animation company for your explainer video, you should expect the following steps involved in the process:

  • Research

When you approach a video production company, they are most likely to arrange a meeting and ask as many questions about your brand, services, and target audience as they can. After that, they will conduct independent research about the industry to gain even deeper insights to craft a persuasive piece. It usually takes less time. This is where you and the production company select a suitable explainer video style for your project.

  • Scriptwriting

Scriptwriting is the soul of an explainer video. It decides whether the video will convert or if it’s engaging enough to keep the audience gripped. It’s a form of copywriting that aids in persuasiveness. The more solid the script, the better the results. 

  • Storyboarding

Once the script is done, you will be presented with a storyboard that depicts various scenes or steps involved in the story. The best thing is, it gives you a clear idea of the video approach and can be changed as per your needs and requirements before the video creation begins. 

  • Voiceover

After the storyboard is approved, the next thing is voiceover. Although video production companies have people for the job, you can always choose one of your employees for it (if available). Remember, be really considerate in this step, as voiceover is crucial in user engagement.

  • Video creation

When everything is in its place, the video creation starts straight after you give a green signal. Although everything should be clear-cut at this stage, a good animation or video production company still stays open to suggestions. They will continue to make changes until the final product satisfies you. 

  • Music and sound effects

To aid the overall impression and quality of the video, pleasant music and sound effects are added to the background as a finishing touch. It brings the video to life. All that is left now is distribution and marketing :).

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Things to Expect During Explainer Video Production:

Before you jump straight into hiring a company to handle your explainer video production, it’s essential to keep several factors in consideration. It will let you have a better idea of what you should be expecting during the project and where you and your company stand in general. Some of those points are given below:

  • There’s a massive number of video production companies to choose from. So it requires some serious thought process and research to settle down on the right one. 
  • The prices for custom explainer videos are high in general. However, as we always say, the most expensive ones aren’t the best, but the cheapest ones are the worst. Finding a balance between price and quality is crucial here. 
  • The final piece is developed after a lot of trial and error. Therefore, your involvement is important during the production process to ensure that the last video lives up to the standards.  
  • Stands for, and what message you would like to convey in the video. So it’s better to prepare yourself and make a list of questions/answers that can be expected. It will help you present your points and demands more succinctly. 

Tips For Coping With A Tight Deadline:

Running on tight deadlines is an everyday story of budding businesses. So just in case, you are stuck in such a situation, or when you do (its inevitable) in the future, keeping in check the following tips might ease down your burdens by some margin and ensure that the process goes as smooth as possible:

  1. Hire an animation company that has an outstanding portfolio for working in your type of industry. This will minimize the time that would go down in research.
  2. Set your requirements clear and precise in front of the animation company and provide as much information and directions as you can, along with the required deadlines. 
  3. Stay highly responsive amidst the project and provide quick feedback to the company. As the process takes place in a step-by-step manner, your opinion will be required on many ideas. The soon you approve, the faster the project and less will be the hassle. 
  4. Be brief and precise in your directions so that minimum revisions are required in the final product. This will save you both money and time. 
  5. Last but not least, don’t “rush” it. Staying calm is the key! Try to make the most out of whatever time you have through an adequately organized project.
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Final Word

And that was all! We discussed how custom-made explainer video should be your preference for marketing—moreover, its benefits and drawbacks and how it can help you in the long run. That being said, if you found this article helpful, don’t forget to express your thoughts in the comments section. Au revoir!


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