What Can You Do with an MBA Degree?

If you’re looking to further your career, and in particular a career within a business, then you might be wondering about the best qualifications you can earn. With 82% employability, a Masters in Business Administration may greatly appeal to you if you’re looking for long-term job security and a higher chance of finding a role you love.

An MBA is a versatile qualification that can open many doors for you, no matter the area of business you’re looking to go into.

So, what exactly can you achieve professionally with an MBA degree?

Who is This Degree Tailored For?

This qualification is ideal for those who are already qualified in business but want to work towards their long-term career goals of further roles in business. If you’re looking to improve your business knowledge overall, increase your employability and make it more likely that you can gain higher responsibilities, then an MBA can help you to do that. Visit https://online.carrollu.edu/mba-overview/ and start your MBA program today.

Which Jobs are Possible with an MBA Degree?

Here are just some of the top jobs you can pursue after qualifying with a Masters in Business Administration.

1. Investment Banker 

This role will see you responsible for a range of financial services. These services will be provided on a corporate level to different businesses, government bodies, or other services. The role of an investment banker will see you managing financial opportunities while using your business acumen to think strategically.

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The range of opportunities you will be required to consider and plan for include: 

1. Mergers

2. Lending

3. Acquisition

4. Bonds and shares

5. Privatizations

Your role will include helping clients to realize and achieve their financial goals. You may also assist with strategizing for long-term financial planning. This role may see you working alongside other professionals in similar professions, too, like accountants.

A deep understanding of the required sector, business, finance, and strategy will be key. Your role may also see you undertaking thorough research, and working with a wide range of people.

2. Marketing Manager/Executive

If your business passion and prowess lie more within the marketing side of things, then you may be looking for a role that sees you as the driving force behind marketing endeavors. As a marketing manager or executive, you will use your business knowledge to best promote products and services, and drive business, with a focus on dedicated marketing campaigns.

This role may see you working within advertising, public relations, events, product development, or even research.

Due to the importance of marketing, there will be many opportunities for you to work within a dedicated marketing department or team for a range of different business sectors. No matter your chosen sector, however, your main focus in this role will always be promoting a product or service, and leading a team to do so.

More specific responsibilities of this role may include: 

a). Building a trusted relationship with a target audience

b). Communicate effectively for marketing plans and strategies

c). Effectively direct and drive marketing campaigns

d). Look for advertising opportunities

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e). Produce marketing content

f). Attend any relevant events

g). Conduct market research

3. Business/Management Consultant

As an MBA sets you up to be in a great position for problem-solving, then this job role allows you to make the best of those skills. As a business consultant, you will help organizations and businesses to improve their operations and help them to overcome obstacles to perform more effectively.

Through this role, you may therefore be expected to solve issues that businesses may be experiencing, work to maximize profit and growth and work overall to support improved business performance. Your business skills and qualifications will mean that you can share this valuable expertise with other businesses that need help to improve.

Within this role, you can expect to work within business strategy, understanding financial elements, assist with marketing strategies, and also help to understand supply chain management.

It may also be that you specialize in a particular skill that will be in demand for businesses that are lacking in that area.

4. Becoming an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial path can be very appealing, whether for a business professional at a highly qualified level, or for an individual new to the business and just starting out. No matter where you are on the entrepreneurial path, there will never be any downside to more business knowledge and qualification.

Not only that but if you’re looking to market your new business and go into business with other professionals, having the right experience and credentials can help others to trust in you and your business. You can kickstart your entrepreneur career goals by considering an online program, like an Aston University MBA online, so that you can comfortably fit your study schedule around the working hours spent building your business.

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5. Information Technology Manager 

This role will see you focus on IT as well as the business side of things. As an IT manager, you would be responsible for implementing technological solutions and the right strategies. You will be able to manage a team of IT employees and ensure that procedures and policies relating to IT, and the business as a whole, are adhered to.

You can help the business to reach its own goals by supporting research, practices, and all digital or IT-related working procedures. You may also be responsible for the safe running of technology within the workplace and be able to offer support and assistance regarding the proper use of IT within a business.

In Summary

As you can see, an MBA can open up many career pathways for you, particularly managerial roles which will allow you to work at a higher level. Alternatively, this qualification can build your business skills enough so that you feel confident to begin an entrepreneurial journey you may have been considering.

There are so many valuable skills which can be attained simply through studying for a qualification, but when it’s an advanced level qualification that allows you to build and hone important business skills, this can result in you making more confident career decisions — for yourself, and others.


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