iGaming Industry

In 2022, every business needs a website. Even if you’ve established a strong presence on social media platforms, not only does having a website make you seem more professional, but the platform also allows you to have much more control. Aspects like design, branding, product presentation, and displaying promotions all become much more refined when you have a website as the foundation of your operation.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, if you think that a new or updated website is needed, you can draw the essentials from an iGaming platform. Aiming to be eye-catching, the market leaders deliver on all of the key metrics needed for a successful platform. Here’s how.

Having the right information on the home page

The home page is the most important part of your website because, as you’ll know, first impressions are everything. A fine example of how to approach this is the betting bingo site. The large slider at the top goes through three or four catchy promotions or features, and while the images are fairly big, the text is short and clear, and the images are simple but attractive. You get the key information in one glance.

Further down, you find the proper offering, with the “Bingo Rooms” graphic being right there to direct you to the key content. After that, you can see clear and consistent game tiles, each of which has its title and is sectioned into lines like “Most Popular,” “Slingo Games,” “Super Slots, and “Jackpots”. Clarity and simplicity are key, and with this layout, anyone wanting to play bingo or associated games can easily get to what they want.

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Navigating in just a few steps

An essential part of making your website usable is navigation. The golden rule of website navigation is that everything has to be accessible within three clicks. As iGaming sites have so many different sections, they tend to present most of them as clickable tab buttons along the top. On the following landing pages, top games are shown, or users have to click one more button to see them all and then click to play.

Mobiles are more important than computers

A mobile-first mentality was adopted by now-leading iGaming brands over a decade ago, and now, just about every new website has this mentality. This is because, since 2016, smartphones and tablets have owned the largest share of browsing traffic, thumping computers down to a 48.7 percent share six years ago. The prominence of mobiles has only grown since, so mobile optimization is essential, with the ability to swipe and tap quickly to a section of a site being key.

Color’s more important than you’d think

Colors have always been an essential part of any business’s branding, but they’ve only become more important online. This is because people can so easily click away even before clocking a brand name. As colors can increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent, having a bold-but-simple color scheme can help a great deal. Be it yellow outlined by black or green with white text, simple and bold is the way to go.

iGaming platforms have mastered the art of creating a website that keeps users engaged, so be sure to review their methods for the points above if you’re creating a business website.