What Are the Benefits of Branding Videos to Promote Your Business in Melbourne

Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia and the capital of Victoria, is one of the leading commercial hubs in the world. With over 87,000 businesses listed in the city, opening a new business here can be financially rewarding and yet highly challenging at the same time.

Competition in the city is high, but if you can get the basics right, you will have no shortage of customers flocking to your business. Domestic and international customers are often on the lookout for new products and services in the city.

Using branding videos to spread the word about your business is a great marketing strategy. You can try out sites like Monster and Bear Melbourne based video production specialists for more information on this.

Here are some of the benefits of using branding videos in Melbourne. 

1. Making your Brand Relevant 

With a total population of over 4,970,000, and with the city recording a growth of around 2% each year, Melbourne has an interesting demographic. If you look around, you will find no shortage of stories to share- stories that can be captured most interestingly through movies and videos.

How do these people relate to your business? Who are the different types of people who come to your establishment, and what do they go back with? It is not just your word in the advertising campaign. Instead, there will be actual people from Melbourne speaking about their experiences.

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Studies have shown that customers can remember details about a brand 22 times more if they have heard an interesting story about it, rather than just plain facts.

2. Improved SEO Ratings 

Branding videos can be optimized for the search engines, and more viewers automatically mean more traffic for your website. Rather than simply using snapshots and logos, include optimized videos to your website, connecting them to Google Maps so that the customers can find out exactly where the business is. These videos will also increase the click-through rate.

With around 23 million internet users in Australia and about a fifth of them located in Melbourne alone, you have excellent chances of increasing your brand visibility through video SEO. Google creates thumbnails for video content that get more clicks than a regular link, helping you to reach out to a broader customer base in much less time.

3. Social Media Presence 

Melbourne has some of the most impressive landmarks Down Under and if you want to make use of social media, using branding videos is one of the best ways to capture whatever is unique to the city. A well-made video can go viral in a few minutes, and you can use the spectacular cityscape to add depth to your videos.

In a city as cosmopolitan and progressive as Melbourne, consumers love to see what is new on offer, and you can harness this thought to promote your business.

4. Explaining your Agenda 

More than 85% of the population in Melbourne has access to smartphones today, which gives you a splendid opportunity to explain your services and products to your potential client. While a well-written tutorial or services page on your website is an essential element, the audio-visual medium has more takers.

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You can talk to your potential customers in the videos and show them what you are talking about. Please give them a sneak peek of what you have to offer so that they are inclined to come to your store or office and find out more. You will also have better conversion rates in the long run.

5. Building Consumer Trust 

With about a couple of thousand businesses and service establishments added to the city each year, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. And while consumers are all about trying out new products and services, choosing the right one can be an overwhelming process for them too. When they see a video, they see someone talking to them, and this physical presence makes your business far more credible.

They feel they have someone to reach out to when they need help. Of course, you also need to make sure that whatever you promise the clients in the video is also something you can offer when they come knocking. Do not just make promises that you cannot deliver, or at least deliver at the moment.

You can make use of so many exciting video types, like a 360-degree video capturing the skyline of Melbourne before zooming on to your business. You can consult sites like Monster and Bear Melbourne-based video production for more on this. By using branding videos, you will notice a significant increase in customer traffic to your business.


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