Make Big Donors Feel Special

Making your most important donors feel special as a nonprofit organization is very important. Getting recurrent donations is one of the biggest challenges charities have to face, and the best way to encourage them is to honor donors who give the most. This isn’t something all organizations know how to do, however. Some of them might think that they’re doing well in that department, but they may not realize how many of their top donors they’re losing every month. Let’s look at how nonprofits can make big donors feel special.

Give them More Access

One of the things you should consider is allowing major donors to see the results of your efforts firsthand. Invite a small group to go on the ground and see what you were able to do thanks to their donations. You should also have people from the communities talk about how their donations helped. This alone will make your donors feel like they’re making a difference and will fill them with a sense of purpose. They will be more inclined to keep supporting your cause and have more trust for you as an organization.

Commemorate their Donations

Another thing you could do would be to recognize your major donors by immortalizing them in one way or the other. One way you could do this would be by using fundraising logo bricks like those found at Fundraising Brick. You can then lay these bricks where everyone will be able to see them. This will make your donors feel proud and it will only cost you a few dollars per brick.

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Organize Events for them Only

It’s good to have fundraising events with your biggest donors, but you shouldn’t invite them only when you need donations. You should also organize events where you’ll be catering to them and ask for nothing in return. And, if you want your top donors to feel special, you have to make the event feel special too.

Have great entertainment, food, and hold the event in a top-shelf location. Also, make sure that you only invite a small group. These types of events are great to bring your top donors together and share stories. You should also take the time to thank your donors for the help, give them a few updates on your efforts, and speak about some of your objectives for the next coming year.

Offer Great Gifts

Gifts also work, but you have to choose the right type of gift. Give your donors something that will be valuable instead of the generic key chain or tote bag. Why not give them something they’ll be able to enjoy like a box of chocolate or carefully wrapped bottles of wine instead? You’ll at least know that they’re going to use your gift and remember it because of its uniqueness. You could also give them handmade gifts or gifts made by the people their donations helped.

These are all things any nonprofit organization can do to show their top donors that they appreciate them. They are the lifeblood of your organization, so do not neglect them if you want them to continue supporting your efforts.

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