basic massage techniques

Today we will talk about the basic techniques of massage in physiotherapy. Although there are many types of techniques, including the most advanced ones, we will focus on some of the main ones in particular.

Massages, whether relaxing or therapeutic, are recommended for almost all types of patients. Not only does it relax the tensions that people suffer throughout the day, but it also relieves muscle and joint pain, heals injuries, and at the same time prevents them.

Primary basic massage techniques

  • Surface touch

This technique is used to start the massage gently, allowing us to come into contact with the patient, gain confidence and relax, using gentle and alternating movements of the hands. It has to be a superficial touch, just touching with the fingertips, it is also called neurocutaneous massage, due to the effect it has on stimulation. The hands should move longitudinally, transversely, and circularly, for approximately two to four minutes.

  • Surface friction

It is done with the fingers extended. The search is for the ability of the skin to slide concerning subcutaneous planes. You can use a cream, massage oil, or simply with your hands until you reach more energetic friction.

  • Deep friction

In these cases, by choosing the muscle to work from the origin (for example, the angular muscle of the back, from the spine of the scapula to the cervical). Transverse to the muscle, we make a deeper friction movement. More or less like a classic form of application. This massage technique can also be applied to tendons (such as the supraspinatus tendon in the shoulder).

  • Kneading

It is a classic massage technique, very useful, and common in regular massage sessions. For example, it can be applied to the trapezius muscle. The hands should move alternately, both using the thenal and hypothenar areas, as well as the fingers. Be careful not to get into bony prominences. Rhythm is also important. Slow, with a more relaxing object, or fast, to stimulate the area and have a greater effect. 

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This massage can also be applied to the lower back, spine, and spine. In this case, the massage is applied with the thumb, index, and middle fingers. You can check Miracle Rehab physical therapy clinic in Birmingham, MI, and book this massage technique for you.

  • Rolled clamping

It has two functionalities, therapeutic and diagnostic. This massage technique is applied with the first three fingers of the hands, the cutaneous/subcutaneous plane is grasped or lifted using a clamp that allows the sliding capacity of the tissues to be observed concerning the fascia and musculature. At the time the diagnosis is made, if we insist on repeating this maneuver, this practice becomes therapeutic.

Reactive hyperemia that is generated secondary to treatment can also be observed. In some patients, an area of redness is much more distinct; this would be a sign of positive dermalgia. In this case, its diagnosis and treatment regarding the viscera or other structures should be insisted on.

Benefits of massage therapy sessions

  • Healing from muscle diseases like stroke or paralysis, enhance balance and movement.
  • Help people with diabetes promote vascular conditions to avoid exposure to surgery and provide the ability to move.
  • Eliminates the pain in the body for different ages, treatment for muscle after injury, and joint function to decrease the chronic pain.
  • Handle women’s health, and pregnancy care, providing special treatment for diseases like breast cancer, incontinence, and pelvic pain.
  • In some cases, a competent physical therapist is better than surgery. It leads to strength and stretching of the joints and muscles. But it can also help you prepare for pre and after-surgery.
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The therapist’s position should be perpendicular to the massage. Avoid distant positions where the therapist’s spine may also be affected.


There are numerous massage techniques of different levels and even adding some type of device to the session, depending on the needs of the patients.

Whether to relax or follow a massage or physical therapy treatment, you should get a diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up until you recover your quality of life.

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