Top Big Bike Styles: What you Need to Know

If you have recently passed your motorcycle driving licence, you are to be congratulated and you will no doubt be thinking about acquiring a big bike in the near future. As far as motorcycle designs go, there are quite a few styles and there’s bound to be one that ticks all your boxes.

Here is a brief description of the big bike styles that you can order in 2021.

1. Sports Superbike

If you fancy yourself as a budding Mark Marquez or Valentino Rossi, a sports bike would be the ideal choice. Fast with superb handling and lots of raw power, these superbikes can reach speeds close to 300kph and with the best motorbike insurance from Thailand’s leading auto insurer, you are ready for anything. While not the most comfortable of bikes, the road racing style suits speed and handling and all the major bike manufacturers offer a sports line of machines.

2. Sports-Tourer

A cross between a racing and touring bike, this style suits those that prefer riding comfort without compromising on performance. Panniers can be fitted, allowing you to carry camping equipment and with engines bigger than 1000cc, sports-tourers can cruise on the motorway all day.

3. Touring Bike

The full tourer offers a more upright seating position, even slightly laid back and comfort is a focus, as you will be riding for most of the day when touring. With the right pannier boxes, you can carry all your gear, making it ideal for touring. You can find a pre-owned or new motorcycle that may already have bags and in some customized styles to fit your needs.

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4. Off-Road Bike

This hardy machine performs well on and off-road and is ideal for the extreme adventure addict. You are advised to book a basic off-road biking course, which teaches you how to control the bike on a range of surfaces. An upright seating position and a high centre of gravity allow the bike to negotiate uneven terrain and with great fuel consumption, you can travel a few hundred km without stopping for fuel. Here are a few tips for planning a family trip, which is worth reading.

5. Street Machine

The naked Japanese look is both rugged and slick, with an exposed engine, which helps keep the power unit cool. This is a real urban style, with fat tyres and lots of raw power, perfect for the trendy urban man who wants stylish transport. If you would like to learn more about mean street machines, search with Google for a leading big bike dealership and book a test ride.

It is critical that you wear the right protective gear when riding a motorcycle, which includes the following:

  • Decent quality full-face helmet.
  • Leather motorcycle jacket.
  • Leather biking pants.
  • Motorcycle gloves.
  • Motorcycle boots.

The other thing you need is a valid motorcycle licence, which can be applied for at your local Land Transport Department. Then with comprehensive insurance, you are ready to enjoy many years of riding your big bike around Thailand.

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