Tips to Prevent Emails From Spam Folder

Losing emails to your target’s spam folder can be annoying, and it can also cause you to miss important sales opportunities. If you are sending emails to a large list, make sure you verify your email list with online email verification software, it will help you to increase your deliverability also protects your domain reputation. The following are five tips for keeping those important messages out of the spam folder:

1. Get Your Target’s Permission

One of the best tactics in email marketing is to ensure that you build a solid list. That means getting your target’s permission before you launch email marketing campaigns. The recipients will be more likely to allow your messages to go to their inboxes if they’re aware that you will be sending those emails. Some people will even look forward to your messages.

You can ask people to sign up for the email list when they visit your store, or you can set up an app to collect their voluntary email addresses on your site. Either way, you must be sure they know they’re requesting to receive emails.

2. Regulate the Message Frequency

Another thing you can do to avoid getting sent to someone’s spam folder is to regulate the message frequency. Many people label marketing messages as spam when they feel they receive too many of them.

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In other words, don’t bomb your clients and potential clients with too many messages. You may want to tone it down to once a week, once a month, or only when specific sales and promotions arise.

3. Ask Your Clients to Whitelist You

You could ask your clients to whitelist you if you’re concerned about getting sent to someone’s spam folder. Whitelisting is going into the personal email settings and adding your email address to an approved list. That will ensure that all of your emails go through appropriately.

4. Avoid Trigger Words and Phrases

Another thing you will need to do is avoid using trigger words in your emails. Many email programs now send messages with certain words in them straight to the spam folder.

Thus, you’ll need to ensure that your subjects don’t contain sensitive words that might come off as spam or phishing. Additionally, you’ll need to be honest in your emails and let your clients know that they are advertisements.

5. Stay Compliant With CAN-SPAM

Finally, you should get familiar with the CAN-SPAM rules and regulations and ensure that you follow them at all times. The CAN-SPAM Act regulates email correspondences between businesses and individuals or businesses among themselves.

The rules pertain to using deceptive subject lines, being honest about location, and honoring a recipient’s request to opt out of marketing messages.

Violations of this act can leave you susceptible to fines of up to $16,000. On the other hand, learning the rules and regulations of this act can help you maintain a more respectable relationship with your clients and targets. Take the time to find out more about how it works.

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You can take the tips mentioned above and use them to keep your crucial emails from getting sent to people’s spam folders. Try some of these methods today and see how well they work for you.


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