Tips to Make Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning Service

It can be aggravating to turn on your air conditioner on the first hot day of the year to discover that it is laboring to chill the room, or worse, not working. While it’s advised that you hire a professional engineer to do an air con service as part of your annual property maintenance, there are a few basic inspections you can perform in the interim to keep your air conditioner functioning efficiently.

Maintenance and cleanliness of your air conditioning system.

A lack of cleanliness causes most air conditioning problems, but simply dusting the vents regularly will significantly extend your unit’s life. Removing the filters, spraying them down with antibacterial spray, and rinsing them with warm water is another simple way to improve the hygiene of your air conditioning system. The cleaner your air conditioner is, the less often you’ll need to get it serviced.

The filter should be changed or cleaned.

Your air conditioning system features a filter to preserve the mechanics within and keep the air inside your home or workplace clean. If this filter isn’t kept clean, your air conditioning system will work harder and less efficiently, increasing energy bills. And the possibility that your yearly air conditioning service will not be enough to keep your unit in good working order. Some air conditioning filters must be cleaned instead of being replaced, and vice versa.

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Check to see if the condensing unit is jammed.

The condensing unit is a component of your air conditioning system that sits outside and draws air in. Your air conditioning may not perform as well as it could if this becomes clogged by weeds, dead leaves, or even outdoor furniture you’ve stored against it. Therefore, cleaning the space around the unit should be a frequent component of your property upkeep. It’s also a good idea to perform this before air con service to avoid getting charged by the engineer for time spent cleaning and to avoid misdiagnosing your unit.

Check the airflow pressure on both the inside and outside of the unit.

Check that the airflow is forceful and continuous on both units after removing any blockages from the condensing unit. If your air conditioning system’s airflow is insufficient, it could be due to a clogged coil or a failed fan. In most circumstances, a professional air conditioning engineer will be required to analyze the problem and suggest a remedy.

Alter the temperature of the room by switching between heating and cooling settings.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used your air conditioning system, it’s a good idea to undertake a DIY air conditioning service. Switching between the cooling and heating modes is a simple thing you can do. If your air conditioner is stuck on one setting, it’s usually a sign that the reversing valve is malfunctioning. If this occurs, a professional engineer should be consulted.

Any rust or corrosion should be repaired.

Look for any symptoms of rust or corrosion in your air conditioning system, especially the outdoor unit. If the damage is minor, it may typically be repaired by applying a coat of weatherproof steel paint over it. If the rust or corrosion is severe, a property maintenance professional should be consulted. During your auto air conditioning service, ask the engineer to look for symptoms of oxidation.

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So, there you have it: a few of the most valuable tips for keeping the air conditioner up and running. Lastly, make sure to follow it.