Do Air Conditioners Improve Air Quality?

Do you need an air conditioner? As in, we understand it keeps you away from the summer heat and now with the latest technology, keeps the cold at bay too. But does it really have any purpose beyond that? And what about the tower fan vs air cooler discussion? Which one is better? We bet you never thought about it until today.

Take a look at the mere construction of the word ‘Air Conditioner’. If the purpose was to cool alone, wouldn’t it have been called an air cooler?

The air conditioners set in your home and offices are meant to serve a purpose greater than merely cooling the space, it does condition the air and improves air quality; provided of course that a routine of reliable care and maintenance is maintained.

What is Air Quality?

Most commonly measured as the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), this metric refers to the quality of air within and around the buildings and structures. Basically, this metric determines the concentration of pollutants as well as heat-related factors (such as humidity and temperature) within a specified area.  The importance of this metric is inherent in the fact that it directly impacts the quality of life, learning as well as the comfort of occupants of the building/structure in question.

Apart from the outdoor factors such as chemical emissions from factories as well as vehicles on roads, buildings being built closer to each other and structures allowing for little external ventilation compared to these historical counterparts. In fact, increasingly, building managers have started to take it into consideration as a serious concern owing to more tenants filing lawsuits if faced with stuffy air conditions, breathing sickness, or continuous stench.

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As a result, reliable and experienced air conditioning installation companies that can easily manage routine cleaning also, have become all the more important as AC maintenance partners.

Relationship between IAQ and Air Conditioners

So you would think why this air cooling machine should be linked with anything as important as air quality. If your research, you would find that at a few places like the Berkeley Lab, increased use of air conditioning is actually considered to be harming the quality of air; which according to them can be better maintained with natural air flow and ventilation of the outdoor air. They propound, that the circulation of air within enclosures such as our rooms and offices, the existing contaminants and pollutants only become more potent over time.

As we discuss later in the article, there are a few basics but essentials to keep in mind if you wish to have an air-conditioned environment that also allows for high IAQ levels.

An important consideration in measuring IAQ is the thermal measures such as temperature and humidity. Central air conditioning systems play their part in bringing down humidity which would otherwise not only make you uncomfortable during high-temperature days but would be a cause of several health problems if it leads to the formation of mold either in the living space or within a unit of the air conditioner.

Hence, the need for an experienced and reliable air conditioning installation company from the very onset, that can ensure that even with reduced levels of outdoor ventilation, the IAQ levels are not badly harmed. This is in the interest of you as a user and for the longevity and smooth running of the machine as well.

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How To Manage the IAQ better

Even if you have your city’s best AC installers near you and you home, without a grip on a few key important points, you would not be able to keep a check on the IAQ in your living space. Generally, they would make a part of your routine maintenance work too but taking care of these from the very point of purchasing the right product would only ensure you have a hassle-free experience with the product installed at your home. All the more important if you are a building manager as there are more lives and their quality of life at stake and dependent on your vigilance.

Filter maintenance

The primary function of air filters is pretty straight forward, to filter out all the pollutants and contaminants from the air. These could range from things as common as dust and pollen to microbial elements like bacteria and viruses. The least that should be done on a routine basis is the cleaning of the filters set into the air conditioning systems. Each season though, it is imperative that their replacement is arranged for without any ado.

This is imperative not only for maintaining the air quality but rather also because a choked filter would not perform at it optimum and use up more energy – only causing unnecessary incremental electricity spending or even causing permanent damage due to overheating.

Efficient Systems

Time and again, you would hear people recommend that you hire the best AC installers near you even if they charge a dime extra. The reason is not only their experience in providing services and air conditioning installation company but also as a vendor/distributor of some of the top-rated brands that rank high on quality standards.

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For air conditioning installation in Atlanta, ga, make sure you book an appointment with a reliable company like Wayne’s heating and air conditioning. The experience, expertise, and reputation that precedes a company, matters.

In order to maintain good IAQ levels, we recommend you always pick a more efficient system, higher SEER rating. Such a system would be a source of cooling and performance otherwise using an optimal level of energy. So the airflow keeps circulating, getting conditioned, without eating up too much energy. Let’s just say environmental friendliness and energy conservation wrapped together.

HVAC systems are the way to go

Well, there are experts in the market who now recommend that you avoid the use of ductless air conditioning systems. The main reason you would get to know is that the ducted systems allow for better airflow and the stronger filters ensure that the dust or any other contaminants are removed from the air as much as possible before it reaches you.

Our key recommendation about your air conditioners would be to better educated on its maintenance and be better knowledgeable about the quality of maintenance service providers. Trust us, that makes all the difference.


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