This is all you need for a restaurant makeover

Starting a restaurant is an overwhelming process. There are many factors that determine whether your restaurant will be a success or remain bleakly empty: from friendly staff to the quality of your dishes. Every day, you need to show what you have to offer. One of the secret weapons you can use to keep customers coming to your restaurant is the restaurant design. It determines your guests’ experience and is therefore an important extension of your image. So are you thinking of starting a restaurant or do you already own one and want to give the interior a new lease of life? In this blog, we’ll tell you how.

Start at the beginning

The most important thing is to start at the beginning. This sounds like an open door but too often we see all kinds of ideas for restaurant interiors being gathered straight away at random without considering the concept. So first think about the concept you want to establish. After all, a pizzeria requires a different look than a trendy coffee shop. The success of a restaurant interior stands or falls with a well-thought-out concept. The concept describes the target group, dishes and image, among other things, which will make the distinctive character clear.

Collect ideas on a mood board

A mood board helps give direction to the restaurant interior. Collect colours, materials, styles and prints that fit the concept and the target group. Make visual which atmosphere you want your restaurant to be associated with. Gather as much inspiration as possible and then make it into a coherent whole. Based on this, the plan can be made for the actual interior design. Note: don’t stare blindly at trends. Trends are nice, but rather look at the overall concept. Do not blindly follow every trend but look at what suits the target group and the desired look of the business. Trends come and go but a unique style – tailored to your concept – is permanent.

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Choose suitable furniture

The choice is vast in hospitality furniture. That makes it hard to choose. Furnishing is more than just putting up some tables and chairs. Keep the desired look as your starting point and think about different seating options. Bear in mind that the furniture will be used intensively and should therefore be able to withstand rough handling. The furniture should also be easy to maintain and clean.

Details make it complete

When it comes to the customer experience, it is important to pay attention to details. Personalizing your restaurant is a must and can already be incorporated in small things. Do you have a delivery service? Then have the paper bags printed (papieren tasjes bedrukken) with your own logo. Furthermore, it is important that it can be seen from the outside which restaurant you represent. You can do this by mounting certain printed materials. You can print a kiosk flag (kioskvlag bedrukken) with your restaurant’s name and logo so that people from outside can see which restaurant is in that building. This and many other small details complete your restaurant.


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