05 Things you need to Know about Taking Care of a Cat

Many people like to have cats as pets. While some just want pets to cuddle, there are others who are very happy living with independent cats that may not need much human interaction. Nevertheless, if you want your cat to interact with you whenever you want it to, there are a few things you will have to do:

Spend Time with Your Cat

Cats are known to be solitary survivors. This is one reason why most people think they don’t need human companionship as long as they have been provided with food and shelter. However, not many know that cats actually enjoy being around people. They actually prefer human companionship over everything else. So make it a point to spend some quality time with your cat every day. It is said to improve your cat’s quality of life.

Provide Timely Meals and Water

Cats need much less maintenance than dogs. You only have to feed them twice a day to keep them healthy and active. They would need a constant supply of freshwater especially if you are providing dry food. Make sure you consider the age and health condition of your cat before deciding on the right kind of cat food and quantity.

A Clean and Comfortable Bed Would Be a Necessity

Cats crave comfort and warmth. So make it a point to provide your cat with a clean and comfortable bed. The level of comfort however depends a lot on your cat’s behavior. For instance, a round bed might be ideal for a cat that likes to curl into a ball. Go for a cave bed if you find your cat often under your armchair or basket of clothes. A mat should be good enough for a cat that likes to sprawl out on a couch, cushion, or windowsill. Avoid synthetic material when it comes to bedding. Try instead for something natural like cotton, wool, or any other unbleached material.

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Cleaning the Litter

Cats are very clean creatures. They like their space to be clean and dry. So if you are thinking of getting a cat, you will have to be prepared to empty the litter tray on a daily basis. If you find this too cumbersome it would be ideal to provide your cat outdoor access. Nevertheless, make sure you have fenced your yard well.

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Regular Grooming

Short-haired cats may not need grooming more than once a week. However, if you have a medium-haired or a long-haired cat you will have to do daily grooming. All those efforts will give you a healthy and happy cat with a shiny coat without any formations of hairballs or fur Matts.

A few more things about taking care of a cat include proper vaccination, regular working, and flea treatment if and when required and neutering your cat before he or she completes six months of age. Be ready to take your cat to the vet whenever you see any signs of illness. You may want to ensure your cat to cover the Veterinary treatment cost.


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