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For some people, the idea of going to a fitness studio makes them cringe. They think it’s too expensive or don’t like being around other people sweating and grunting in front of mirrors. But if you’re looking for an alternative way to work out that’ll give you the same endorphin-rush as running on a treadmill at home or doing bicep curls in your living room while watching TV; then there’s no better option than trying a fitness studio. Here are 9 reasons why:

1) There are so many options! You can find studios with classes only 45 minutes long, which means you won’t have to invest more than an hour into your workout each day. Or maybe you want something longer; there are multiple-hour classes available, too. Plus, there are all kinds of different courses to choose from – kickboxing, yoga, spin class – and you’ll never get bored!

2) You’ll have a workout partner, even when you don’t know anyone else in the class. The best part about working out with other people is knowing that someone is there to push you if you’re not putting all of your efforts into it.

3) It’s social! Besides exercise, one of the most common things people do in fitness studios is making new friends. Many classes are co-ed or semi-private (meaning more than one instructor teaches them), which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people and get comfortable in a room full of strangers.

4) You can leave your kids with someone who knows how to take care of them! Most fitness studios in Singapore offer childcare during the day for an additional cost, but it’s well worth it if you want to work out without having to worry about keeping an eye on your kids while they play elsewhere. And maybe they’ll love themselves some karate or belly dancing just as much as mom does!

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5) The classes are usually explicitly programmed for that studio, so you’ll never get bored. Many studios use soundtracks specifically curated with their client’s needs in mind. So whether you’re walking around to hip-hop beats or doing sun salutations, you’ll be grooving to something that makes you happy.

6) The instructors aren’t passive. Most fitness trainers will offer assistance with form and posture throughout the class, so even if you think you’ve got it down, they can help with ways to improve your technique and make sure your muscles are getting the most out of every movement.

7) You can get stronger – fast! Classes like CrossFit work your body in entirely different ways than other forms of exercise do. In contrast, traditional exercises target specific muscle groups for endurance or strength training; many CrossFit classes work on explosive power and overall stamina and energy. It’s a great way to challenge yourself more than ever before!

8) You can get your sweat on in a fun environment. While you might be tempted to load up Netflix, put on some music and work out at home, not every fitness studio is going to make you feel like you’re exercising. Many studios will have beautiful views of the outdoors or incredible artwork and decor that’ll keep your mind engaged while you work out!

9) Finally, they always change it up! The sooner we lose interest in something, the more likely we are to give it up entirely – so one-way fitness studios keep people coming back by constantly changing the routines. There’s no such thing as repetition when you’re always doing different drills and exercises each day; plus, these changes usually come with new forays into interesting new music or challenging new ways to hold your body.

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