PEMF therapy

PEMF therapy is the safest way to improve blood circulation, normalize hemodynamics, and increase tissue oxygenation. It is especially good at enhancing microcirculation and thus can considerably boost various local healing processes. In addition, it does not stimulate the heart or affect larger blood vessels, thus making it a high safe way to increase tissue perfusion and oxygenation.

There are many studies confirming that PEMF works. Its prolonged and consistent use may help treat many health conditions. It appears to have a highly complex mechanism of action. Studies show that it improves the tone of small blood vessels and improves the flow of red blood cells. After PEMF therapy, there is a considerable increase in cellular energy production.

There are also studies in humans confirming these benefits. It appears that PEMF may also be suitable for healthy subjects and even sportspeople. In a study of eighteen cyclists, researchers found that PEMF improved the ability of muscles to utilize oxygen. These benefits occurred due to its impact on smaller blood vessels and its other effects on cellular metabolism.

It means that even healthy adults can use it to promote blood flow to various organs and boost health.

PEMF therapy is especially good for improving blood circulation and oxygenation of the brain. At present, most data come from animal studies, but most studies show that PEMF can reduce tissue hypoxia, increase levels of oxygen. In addition, it seems that PEMF therapy gradually increases capillary blood flow.

It is not necessarily to treat medical conditions. Such benefits can be utilized to boost the body’s energy levels, feel energized, and reduce stress. It may also be beneficial for mental health. It may help prevent various mood issues.

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Vascular diseases are widespread in diabetes. In diabetes, arterial insufficiency causes reduced blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues. Thus, diabetes often causes poorly healing ulcers, skin issues, general weakness, and malaise.

Studies in diabetes patients show that PEMF therapy may do wonders in many cases. It can improve blood flow and oxygenation and thus help prevent diabetes-related complications. In one of the studies in 21 subjects, researchers compared the impact of PEMF to sham therapy. They found that PEMF was especially good at improving the blood flow velocity in the small veins.

These findings are in line with other results indicating that PEMF therapy is especially good for improving microcirculation, though it may not have any visible effect on larger blood vessels. But then, changing the blood flow in these small blood vessels is much challenging for modern science.

There are innumerable other medication conditions in which PEMF therapy may help due to its impact on microcirculation and improved cellular metabolism.

Just take an example of pressure ulcers caused by prolonged bed rest due to chronic ailments. Again, results from clinical studies in humans are quite encouraging. Studies show that regular use of PEMF may help improve healing rates of such chronic and poorly healing ulcers.

Yet another possible use of PEMF therapy could be in frostbites. There are studies in rats confirming its benefits. In a study, rats were exposed to liquid nitrogen, causing frostbite. Researchers then compared the PEMF therapy with sham treatment. They found that those given PEMF treatments recovered much faster. It is because PEMF therapy boosted blood circulation and oxygenation.  

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A good thing about PEMF is that it can penetrate deep inside the body. Thus, it is not only good for improving blood flow in the skin or muscles but even in deeper organs. In addition, it is one of the ways it improves bone healing.

PEMF therapy may help even in conditions where it is expected least to help. For example, studies show that PEMF may even help improve the healing of gastric ulcers caused by stress.

To conclude, PEMF therapy is a safe and effective way of improving blood circulation and tissue oxygenation. Thus, it may help enhance various regenerative processes. However, PEMF therapy affects microcirculation and has little effect on the heart or larger blood vessels. Therefore, PEMF therapy is relatively safe and does not cause any side effects.

Further, it is good to know that PEMF is not necessarily for treating diseases or medical conditions. The above studies show that it works. However, healthy people may also regularly use PEMF therapy to improve blood circulation, boost health, reduce body stress levels. It may also be suitable for physically active people like those in sports.

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