The Safe Way of Using Free Word to PDF Converters

Finding the best tool to use converting Word documents to PDF format is challenging. There are many online tools available that you can use for free. But not all give the guarantee of providing a satisfying result. Converting the document to PDF format is very common. It makes sharing and sending a file a lot easier.

Many people have been using PDF format for easy sharing of files. It’s because you can open the file in different browsers and operating systems. Sending or sharing documents in PDF files spares from the alteration of information. Thus, if you’re sending handouts or bills, convert it first to PDF.

Why Change the Word Files to PDF?

There are good reasons for converting the Word document to PDF. You may wonder how to do it. But it does not need you to be techy to do it. All you need to have is an internet connection. You need not buy software because you can find and use the free Word to PDF converter.

Here are some reasons conversion of Word to PDF is essential.

 Various Versions of MS Word

MS Word has various versions. That’s why sometimes the file you sent may have alteration when opened in another version. But if you will send PDF files, you can expect that nothing in the content will change. The recipient can access the PDF files in any version of Microsoft Word.

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Alterations in Formatting

Microsoft Word does not keep the formatting. It means that printing a Word doc to a different printer may change the formatting. This is one reason converting the Word file to PDF is the best option to keep the original format.

Mismatched References

Opening a word document to another computer may cause a mess such as mismatched references. That is why if you are doing reports or eBook, better convert the file to PDF first before sending or sharing it with other recipients.

Different Word Processors

MS Word has many processors. But if the person with whom you will share the Word document does not have the software, most likely it would be impossible to open the file. The advantage of PDF files is that the recipient can open them with different software. That’s why to view the document using a different tool, it must be in a PDF file.

How to Convert Word to PDF

Even if you’re using a mobile device, you can open the PDF file with no hassle. It does not need special apps.

The next thing to know is how to convert the Word document to PDF without spending a penny.

Step 1:

Open the online PDF converter in the browser. Once the tool opens, follow the prompts on how to upload the document.

 Step 2:

After uploading the document, the tool will scan it. Wait until it completes the process. The process will take two minutes.

 Step 3:

After completing the process, it will be ready for download.

When using an online conversion tool, choose the one that guarantees security to your file. Make sure the converter deletes the file from the server after uploading it. Check the Privacy Policy of the software. Pick a converter that works on different systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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Why Choose PDFBear?

As mentioned above, there are many PDF converters available online. PDFBear offers the best features you need for file conversion.

It does not need downloading of software. PDFBear itself is a website accessible anywhere and anytime. It means you can use it conveniently even on your mobile devices or computer.

This online converter is available on any platform. You can open the webpage in various web browsers. Use PDFBear on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

It is a must to choose a converter that features SSL or Secured Socket Layer. This feature protects the file from identity theft. It guarantees to transmit the file securely.

Uploading and downloading of files is at a fast speed. Uploading the document for the conversion is quick. You can also download it fast to your device or computer. It spares waiting a long conversion time. Thus, you can edit the file immediately.

Aside from PDF conversion, this online converter also helps to merge, secure, split, and lock PDFs. It means PDFBear is a one-stop website you can benefit from the most.

Security You Can Trust

Uploading files over the Internet may be risky sometimes. It’s because we might provide essential information unconsciously. Using a converter that features 256-bit Encryption ensures extra protection to your file. It is important, especially when using the free version of an online tool. Make sure that the tool immediately deletes the converted files. You can also lock your file by using password protection. Once the file is locked, no one can open it unless you reveal the password to anyone.

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Remember that you cannot use such a tool without the Internet. You need to be online to do the process. The Internet cannot guarantee security to your documents or files. That’s why it is your responsibility to find a reliable website to do the job.

A reliable website must warrant the security of its users. Although you can save money from using the free version, the features are limited. To take advantage of the useful features, it’s best to use the Pro or Premium version. Cloud storage is a big plus and the encrypted connection. The security features of an online tool are the priority factor to consider in making your choice.


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