The Process Of Making Videos For Online Courses

Why Is Video Such A Powerful Learning Tool?

When you read, you only get information through a visual channel. When you watch a video, there are two types of information: visual and audio. That is to say, you observe and listen. Learning is more successful when multiple sorts of knowledge are combined, according to research.

Why? When only one channel of information is received, the part of the cerebral cortex responsible for processing this type of data is active. When you read, for example, the visual cortex and other corresponding areas are stimulated. Many students prefer this form of learning to undertake boring, monotonous assignments, and they hire a college essay writing service to complete the jobs for them.

More parts of the cerebral cortex are active when you receive information through various channels. When you watch a movie, for example, at least two parts of the brain are activated: the visual and auditory cortex.

The stronger the connections between neurons, the more parts of the cortex are stimulated to process the same information. The more connections you have, the more successful your learning will be. In the article “Combine to Discover Effectively,” you may learn more about the usefulness of this method.

As a result, video is a popular and successful medium. So, how can we make it as good and useful as possible?

What Is The Best Way To Make A High-Quality Video For An Online Course?

Because it is planned for a longer time, classes in the classroom frequently do not consist of completed logical sections lasting 6-10 minutes. As a result, filming a lesson or lecture is less successful for an online course than recording short, logically completed films.

If one video is a lecture arranged in advance for the online course, more students attempt to finish the job after the video (green curve on the graph). After watching recordings of regular lectures that were not intended for video sharing in the online course, fewer students attempt to finish tasks. If you will need to do boring assignments you could find the best essay writing service for yourself and delegate your assignments and meanwhile do more important tasks. 

Plan ahead of time if you’re going to videotape a lecture, class, or presentation to an audience for an online course. Prepare the material in such a way that it is made up of short finished pieces. 6 minutes is the ideal video length. 9 minutes is the maximum time limit. If the video is lengthier, kids are less likely to watch it all the way through.

What Is The Distinction Between Lectures And Tutorials?

Students also take alternative approaches to lectures and “tutorials,” such as step-by-step explanations of specific tasks. A “tutorial” is, for example, a step-by-step solution to a math problem.

Students usually only watch the lecture once, but they watch tutorials several times. As a result, at the end of the video, include links to various parts of the tutorial. Returning to a certain phase of the solution will then be easier and more convenient. Summarize the most relevant points at the end of the video. This will bring the video to a logical conclusion and make navigation easy for students. After all, they won’t have to think about it again to come up with crucial concepts.

Don’t attempt to slow down your footage. Talk as quickly as you can while telling your pals a fantastic narrative. The most popular videos in the study, for example, were those in which the professor spoke enthusiastically and swiftly — 185-254 words/min (in English).

Instead of using slides, use the Khan Academy’s approach for shooting tutorials. Write the solution and explain it all the way through. This style motivates students to complete the prescribed tasks after seeing the video.

So, these are the elements of a good online course video (up to 6 minutes in length):

  • A complete and comprehensive idea.
  • Speech at its normal rate.
  • The most appropriate format for the situation.

In addition, the video expert should talk clearly and use metaphors and analogies to explain the new material. Diagrams, graphics, or animations should be used to support them.

Don’t Forget To Work On Your Script

The writing must, of course, be on par with the video’s accompanying elements. Writing eloquent and precise scripts is difficult, which is why many people outsource their writing to a professional essay writer. Both video and textual materials should be combined to provide students with an excellent learning experience.

You Can Do It!

Don’t be afraid to start. With the simple tips on creating a good-quality video we gave you it would be possible for you to succeed in the new beginnings easily. So, don’t hesitate and get to the business.


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