The Hike in Popularity of Coin Necklaces & How to Style Them

Coin necklaces have become a popular accessory among celebrities, influencers, and bloggers. Today, almost every lady carries a coin necklace such as a mandala gold necklace or is currently saving up to purchase one soon. 

When Holly Willoughby wore a double coin necklace on This Morning show in 2011, coin jewelry, particularly gold coin necklace, gained popularity. Her coin necklace was handcrafted in the United Kingdom and contained two 22ct Sovereign coins.

Even Kanye West has collaborated with Jacob Arabov to create a jewelry collection quite recently. The collection, which included 12 coin necklaces, was inspired by Florentine art from the 14th century. Kim Kardashian wears a series of coin pendant necklaces that start at $1,530.

What if we tell you that you can buy one at a much affordable price and use it on a daily basis? You can easily find the perfect gold mandala necklace – the right coin pendant necklace at Astrid Schumacher’s collection at an affordable range today. 

Today’s Trends in Coin jewelry

Handcrafted irregular coin pendants with a vintage vibe and aged texture are the current trend in coin jewelry.

There’s also a trend that leans towards the past, with Greek and Roman coin necklaces becoming increasingly popular as customers want more history and purpose in their jewelry for a modern heritage vibe. The mandala pendant necklace has a much more modern take on this vintage style now embraced by many. 

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Styling Tips for Coin Pendant Necklaces

Coin necklaces are ideal for everyday use, whether you’re searching for a unique way to dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans or seeking a statement piece for a night out. The elaborate coin workmanship makes them a wonderful conversation starter and a one-of-a-kind necklace design with real meaning. They can be worn on their own or layered with other coin necklaces to make a great fashion statement.

We prefer to layer a silver or gold coin necklace over our thick knits throughout the colder months as an easy way to spice up any outfit. In the summer, we like to combine coin necklaces with extra talisman charms for a bohemian look that’s great for festivals and holidays! Mix and match silver and gold coin necklaces for a unique look.

Tried & Tested Ways to Style Coin Pendants with Different Clothing Types

a). Pair with Spaghetti Straps

For a coin necklace, choose a gold chain that is as thin as possible. Coin necklaces are coupled with spaghetti strap tops for a sophisticated look that can be worn on weekends. 

b). Pair with T-Shirts

We feel that you should always have a T-Shirt in your closet — it is a wardrobe staple for any girl. Coin necklaces are the perfect complement to a plain T-shirt and may instantly elevate your outfit. Coin necklaces, whether worn with white or black T-shirts, can help them attain great fashion. They transform a plain t-shirt into a high-fashion french look. 

Other Ways to Style Your Coin Pendant Necklaces

1. Layering Your Jewelry

A perfect way to style two or more jewelry pieces is by mixing and matching your silver and gold coin necklaces when layering to create a look that’s uniquely you. We adore adding beaded chains to our outfits to amp up the drama! A great way to layer is to use a thin beaded chain along with a plain chain with coin pendants. You can layer a mandala pendant necklace with beads also. 

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2. Significance in Terms of Meaning

Most coin pendants have a symbolic connotation; for example, Roman coin necklaces may feature Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, or Athena, the goddess of feminine empowerment, could be included on an ancient Greek currency necklace. Similarly, a mandala gold necklace signifies a Buddhist spirituality aspect. To make it seem special to wear every day, find a message that fits your personality. 

These are a few things you should know before making a purchase of your favorite gold coin and assimilating with one of the most popular trends of this age. Happy Shopping for mandala pendant necklaces today!