14 Common Misconceptions about Lifestyle

 Ever heard of the Napoleon Complex? It’s a syndrome wherein a person behaves overtly aggressive or dominating to overcompensate for his short height.

 The syndrome is named after the French dictator, Napoleon Bonaparte, known for his cruelty. What is more interesting is the bit about British propagandists depicting Napoleon as a ‘short man’ to crush his ego. 

 Many historians believe that Napoleon, in reality, was an average height person for his time. The short-height misconception spread like wildfire, and it affected him deeply.

 This is just one of many misconceptions affecting people and their actions. Let’s talk about 14 common misconceptions about lifestyle and how to live better without them.

It’s okay to wear Pyjamas when working from home 

Hate to break it to you but wearing pyjamas every day as your office wear isn’t going to cut it. I understand the temptation of not getting dressed, but it’s not worth it. 

Psychology tells us that our brains behave differently when we wear different clothes. Wearing clean, semi-formal clothes at work makes us feel purposeful and productive.

Wearing T-shirts for family for a walk or a movie together makes sense. However, as a professional with an impeccable image, you want to be taken seriously by your clients. So get motivated and dress up for the part.

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Note: Pyjamas are not a complete no-no; just don’t make them your everyday wear.

Buy more, and you will feel better. 

 Hoarding things will never satisfy you. Material things are important, but only to an extent. To be happy, you don’t need to buy the new iPhone or the better AirPods.

You need solid relationships and valuable work that makes you look forward to your day. Experiences count more than anything else. Go on that long-planned trip with your partner and wear a Couple T-shirts looking content. 

Equating happiness only with things is a dumb way of viewing life. Branch out and find joy in people and experiences.

A gym membership will make me fit. 

Someone can keep the plate of food in front of you, but you have to feed yourself to be healthy. Similarly, a gym membership is only the first step towards a fit lifestyle.

What counts more is– you go to the gym at least 2-3 days a week and exercise. Take the help of an instructor to understand the postures and benefits of different activities.

Make the change you want to see yourself. No shortcuts. Only consistency works here.

Word harder today. You won’t have to work hard tomorrow. 

The internet-bred hustle culture works opposite to the real needs of our bodies and minds. Not making a case here for not working hard but making it the ultimate goal of your life is simply senseless.

Work hard and smart. Make a small but specific to-do list and focus on completing the listed tasks. 

Shut down your laptop and go back home after your work schedule. Spend time with your family and friends. Work-life balance is a myth only if you make it.

Indie clothing brands are of low quality. 

India is one of the world’s biggest producers of textiles and apparel. Many workshops of foreign luxury brands operate out of India. 

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The in-grown fashion brands of India produce high-quality clothing with competitive price tags. Don’t be delusional about equating foreign-made with better quality.

Indian brands understand their consumers deeply and make extra efforts to make them happy. So please get vocal for the locals.

Coffee is terrible for Childhood Development. 

Nobody is suggesting kids start downing 10 cups of coffee daily, and we are talking about the surrounding myth here. It was believed that the caffeine in coffee can lead to a deficiency in Vitamin D, causing osteoporosis (fragility of bones). 

But studies have suggested that there isn’t a definite correlation between coffee consumption and stunted growth. 

So if your kid craves a cup of coffee once in a while, give them one with a big smile on your face. 

I am too old for this. 

Want to start something new? Do it right away. Much of our time gets wasted thinking if it’s appropriate. Big news for you: Nobody cares, and if they do, they will stop watching once you start doing it.

Late bloomers are in vogue. Many famous actors debuted in their middle age and rocked it. Do it, and if you fail, at least you won’t keep wondering, “What if!”. 

The good old days were better.  

Remembering the good old days at times is nice. As bittersweet as it is, it’s better not to live in that past. Why? Because we have a tendency to make our histories rosier. 

Do yourself a favour and don’t become sly about your present. What you have is today. Work around it to lead a better life.

It’s a rat race so prove your worth

Your worth is not only your net worth. You don’t have to follow others’ ideas of success. Sprints might not be your cup of tea if you like brisk walks. Of course, you can enjoy both. 

My advice would be to stay away from the rat race and work slowly and steadily on yourself. Be observant, understand things in detail and produce high-quality work. You might be considered slow in the beginning, but once you get it right, there is no stopping you. 

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You have to spend a lot to look fashionable. 

It’s about style, not the price tag. If you have confidence, then you will look amazing in every clothing. Carrying clothes well is more important than having that luxury brand tag.

Buy basic solid tees and a few quirky pieces for a well-balanced capsule wardrobe. Take care of your clothes and don’t leave them in the sun for long. Show up and wait for the compliments to drop in!

5 cars for 2 people is suitable for your social status

Let’s think about the environmental side-effects too. 1 car works for 2 people, and if both persons need to be at different places, then 2 vehicles are enough.

Spending money on assets that depreciate over time is neither a wise financial decision nor does it affect your life positively. Spend your money but don’t splurge always. 

8 glasses of water and 10,000 steps in a day are optimal 

Researchers have made it clear that optimal requirements are different for everyone. It’s okay to drink 7 glasses of water or walk 12,000 steps in a day if that’s what you feel like doing.

My way of living is the ideal one.

There is no right or wrong (unless the law says so). You might be an early riser, your partner might be a late-night owl, and everyone does things differently, which is the beauty of diversity.

Be empathetic and understand others’ perspectives before making any judgements about them. Live your life well, take pride in it and don’t look down on the lifestyles of others

 Only young people should wear fun clothes 

Don’t we all love animation? Or funny things? All of us have the freedom to wear clothes of our choice. Wear bright clothes or T-shirts with witty one-liners. Don’t think about others making fun of you. 

Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am the legit moment.”

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