Surrogacy and surrogate mother

Married couples who are infertile can have a baby of their own in 2021. Moreover, surrogacy has helped many couples out there to have their baby genetically. Aside from that, surrogacy is a real opportunity for many couples out there. Additionally, modern sciences have proven that people can adopt a baby and raise them. Still, they can have their biological baby and spend the rest of their life with them. Aside from that, we provide such services that the couples are always satisfied with the results and recommend us to their friend circle. Now all people can have their baby through this procedure. Also, this is a safe procedure if done under the strict supervision of the experts.

Our Leihmutter Agentur

You can choose us for many reasons. Additionally, these reasons are as under:

  • Experience

Our team is highly experienced, and there are hundreds of Vitro fertilization programs that are successful. Moreover, these programs also provide assurity of the birth of a healthy baby.

  • Healthy children

Also, our team specializes in PGF diagnostics and human genomics. Also, you can choose the gender of the child with complete assurance of having a healthy baby.

  • Confidentiality

The data of the couple is kept private. Moreover, we use a reliable personal information protection system for every patient. 

About Leihmutterschaft Deutschland

Surrogacy is divided into two forms. One of them is traditional surrogacy, and the other one is gestational surrogacy. Moreover, in traditional surrogacy, the sperm of the father is used while the eggs used are of the surrogate mother. This makes the surrogate mother biologically connected to the child. Also, there are times when the surrogate mother does not give the baby to the intended parents considering the baby of her own.

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Gestational surrogacy, on the other hand, is entirely different. In this form of surrogacy, the surrogate mother is only the baby’s carrier and has no biological link. In this type of process, the eggs are used by the mother, and the sperm of the father is used for fertilization. Additionally, in this process, the surrogate is only the carrier of the baby and nothing else.

Some Leihmutterschaft Österreich

Successful surrogacy deliveries took place in Austria. Moreover, hundreds of cases are filed in the region, and all are successful as the fescov reproduction group proves to be the best one so far. Aside from that, it costs around €70,000 for the couple for the procedure—also, all the services are included in this process.

Following steps are carried out by the team in this procedure:

  • Male’s examination before the process
  • Check and balance of sperm quality
  • Sperm cryopreservation
  • An egg donor is from the clinic’s side
  • Meals are provided three times a day
  • Legal documents are also prepared on time

The surrogate mother in the countries where surrogacy is legal is supposed to live in a hygienic environment and is also believed to eat fresh. It all impacts the baby’s health.

Surrogacy is a different and unique procedure that helped several couples become parents and enjoy the laughter of their offsprings. Aside from that, surrogacy is divided into two forms; traditional and gestational surrogacy. Both of them are different. Traditional surrogacy makes the surrogate mother biologically connected with the baby, while gestational surrogacy makes no connection with the baby’s surrogate. Aside from that, one can enjoy the feeling of becoming a birth parent through surrogacy. However, one can surely get connected with the team, choose their desired services, pay for them, and get the services done. So hurry up and get your procedure done now!

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