Surfing in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is home to dynamic nightlife scenes, amazing diving adventures, and attractive snorkeling opportunities, with much more to provide. With all this and more, would you be shocked that some of the sensational experiences you can have in Zanzibar include kitesurfing and surfing too? The strong Indian Ocean surrounds the archipelago just off the coast of Tanzania, no doubt. You will have a haven of water sports at your fingertips. 

Surf Zanzibar and things to do in Zanzibar 

Many go to Zanzibar to find tropical paradise and it is definitely is with its endless white beaches, mellow and palms vibe in general all around the island – best for a surfing getaway. 

And yes, it truly is possible to surf here. Actually, this might be one of the excellent surf options on the east coast of Africa, mainly if you go to reefs on the northern tip of Zanzibar. And what excellent way to experience a tropical, African surfers paradise. 

Tanzania surf spots 

Bongoyo island 

A right break direct on the reef of Bongoyo island just outside Dar es Salaam. You have to hire a boat to get there, then ensure to go at high tide as this is the only time it is easy to surf here. 

Zanzibar North Reefs 

Multiple reefs break on the Zanzibar tip. Here you will find left and right but you will need to hire a boat on holiday packages in Zanzibar to reach most of them. Also, you might find a few beach breaks along the coast to the east. 

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Zanzibar South Reefs 

All places along the southeast Coast are reef breaks with some more sandy sections for starters. Most waves are right-handers and can change in levels of difficulty. Depending on the situations, you can find breaks mellow malibu style waves to barreling breasts. Most places are accessible only by boat and are extremely tide dependant. Use a local guide.

Visa to Tanzania 

Single entry visas should be accessible on arrival, but check before you go to sure. Three months visa is fifty USD for most nationalities but it is a hundred USD for people from Ireland and the USA. Do not ask me why. Visas are not accessible on the border from Mozambique. 

The top time to go surfing in Zanzibar for beginners is from mid-June to Mid-October and from late-December until mid-March. For the professionals, look at the time between mid-June and mid-September, and the end of December until Late-February. You can catch a Zanzibar airport transfer, which is one the island where these places are located. Alternatively, ferry rides are accessible, between Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.  

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