Six Tips To Keep Your House Clean With Indoor Pets

Having a pet can be one of life’s greatest joys. They provide good company and entertainment and can be a bundle of joy for the owners. However, they come with a lot of responsibilities. If you are a new, inexperienced pet owner, you may be unaware of how to handle them, as they can get dirty and leave stains and fur in the oddest places.

However, you can rest easy as we have some bonafide tips to help you keep your house pristine despite the presence of indoor pets.

  1. Potty Train the Pet

All pets, including dogs, must be adequately trained to create a minimal mess. One of the initial training they usually receive is potty training. You can keep a litter box for a cat inside the house and train the cat to use it. However, keeping a litter box for the dog is not feasible, which is why dogs are trained to poop outside the house.

Set up a schedule by training the dog. Take the dog for a walk according to that schedule so it can poop; it can be in your front or backyard. This way, cleaning the poop mess is easier, and the house stays clean. You can also hire a dog poop company to pick up after the dog. Due to their busy schedules, many people are hiring such services. When you hire them, the company will give you a time when they come to your house to pick up the poop.

  1. Get A Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

Some pets, like cats, dogs, and bunnies, shed their fur wherever they go. They can hop on the sofas or lie on the carpets, leaving hair in most areas inside the house. It can look messy and constantly irritate people with fur allergies. Buying a powerful vacuum cleaner can rid you of this problem. However, you must look for specific features to make cleaning more effective. 

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It should have powerful suction with a quality filter that does not get clogged due to excessive hair. Brush action is also vital to extract hair from uneven surfaces. For thorough cleaning, you should find one that works on different surfaces, whether it is flooring or upholstered furniture.

  1. Groom Your Pet Regularly

No matter how much you groom your pet, the mess they create in the house cannot be avoided. However, it can make some aspects, like shedding and dirt, more manageable. 

Taking pets out for walks can be a great way to bond and increase their physical activity. But they love to roll in the dirt and get themselves dirty. A regular pet grooming routine can ensure the pets don’t bring all that dirt inside.

You can set up a cleaning area outside where you can wash the pet before letting them inside the house. You may even have to apply pet shampoo to ensure proper cleanliness. Then dry your pet after the wash, as they may drip water around the house. You can purchase products such as brushes to prevent excessive shedding. They enjoy gentle stroking, and it also removes excess fur.

  1. Stock Up On Cleaning Products

Having pets in the house means encountering all kinds of messy accidents. They may break precious objects, spill liquids, or leave stubborn vomit and urine stains. If you don’t have cleaning products on hand, you may not be able to remove the stains immediately. And it will be harder to remove them later, and they will leave foul odors.

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For urine stains, it is better to use products that have enzyme-based solutions that can neutralize the uric acid. Moreover, baking soda helps to remove stinky odors from any surface. Vinegar and vodka are also helpful in removing bad smells, especially if you need to clean upholstered furniture. Another product that effectively removes vomit stains is shaving foam. 

It is advisable to avoid products that contain bleach as they have strong chemicals that may be harmful to pets.

  1. Choose An Easy to Clean Bed

Many people prefer to pamper their pets and buy them the best toys and beds out there. That may be a good sentiment and looks aesthetically pleasing with frills and fluffy linings, but cleaning these items can be a nightmare. 

The best option is to choose a simple bed for your pet. Make sure it is water-resistant and can be conveniently washed. You can simply wipe it with a wet cloth if washing is not an option and leave it outside for a few hours to get rid of foul odors. Cleaning it on a regular basis is essential as it can lead to a build-up of germs that can spread infections among your pets.

  1. Keep their Stuff Organized & Clean

Most animals, including dogs and cats, can get very excited during playtime. They may chew toys, making them unsanitary, and scatter them all over the house. It can be unhygienic if they dump them in areas like the kitchen. Moreover, if left near the stairs, you would be prone to tripping, which can be dangerous.

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It would be best if you purchase toy baskets to store the toys while the pet is not playing with them. Storing them in a specific place will keep your home tidy and prevent you from tumbling over them. Use anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down the toys to make sure they stay clean. However, you should ensure the wipes are pet-friendly before using them.

To Conclude

Getting a pet means including them in your family and household. They can be a bundle of joy and affection. However, they will create messes if you plan to keep them indoors. You should plan how to maintain cleanliness before getting them and keep all necessary pet-friendly cleaning products in stock for untimely accidents like vomiting and poop. Acquiring professional help like dog poop companies and home cleaning services can avoid such hassles and ensure your home remains pristine. 



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