Planning To Buy A House At Beachside? These Tips Can Help!

It is common to see people deciding to move to the seaside when they retire. After having lived in the city for many years, the desire to live at the beachside is often intense. It is often emotional criteria that guide this choice. Like the town where you used to go on vacation or the seaside resort, you went to during adolescence. What to ask when buying a house?

However, there are certain other things that you should keep in mind, like: 

The Locality 

Buying a house or an apartment by the sea often means a change of life. So, the location of the property is the first question to have. It is necessary to ask yourself if you want to live close to the city center, means of transport, schools, shops or if you are ready to move away to the outskirts for a more isolated accommodation.  But, beachside homes from Delray Beach Real Estate can be one of your possibilities if you want to live by the ocean without giving up the convenience of everything. 

If you plan to live in the countryside, consider – Are you ready to take your car whenever you want to shop or take your kids to school? For those on jobs, you also have to look at the distance from your workplace. Also, think of the distance between the property and the nearest medical service provider to combat undesired emergencies. It is wise to be methodical and to prioritize the notion of comfort, neighborhood, and transport. 

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These points are of great importance. So, next time you see an advertisement like “Punta Cana apartments for sale”, make sure to check these points before making the purchase.

Ask These From The Property Owners or Real Estate Agency

This moment is prepared in advance by listing the questions to ask the real estate agent or the owner or by being careful to observe several points. 

Here are some questions that should not be forgotten to ask:

  • The type of heating
  • If the electricity is up to standard
  • Number of co-owners
  • Amount of electricity, heating, gas bills
  • The exhibition of the accommodation
  • Size of the accommodation
  • If major work has been carried out (partitions knocked down, change of place of toilets, etc.)
  • The reasons for the small cracks observed or damp spots
  • If there are development projects planned around the accommodation (construction of a new building next door that could block an unobstructed view)

The elements to look at carefully:

  • Common areas for the purchase of an apartment
  • Condition of the ceiling, walls, and windows
  • The equipment present in the accommodation (fitted kitchen, bathroom, cupboards, etc.)
  • Condition of the electrical outlets
  • The ventilation
  • The condition of the garden (if there are diseased trees or if the roots are too deep and they can damage the house.)

If the first visit turns out to be positive, it is advisable to make at least a second. Ideally, it should be done at another time of the day to check the noise level and the sunshine. If a lot of work is necessary, it is preferable that this second visit be made in the presence of a contractor. The latter will be able to quantify the amount of the improvements or point out a possible fault.

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Lastly – Do The Negotiation Wisely 

Always try to make an offer to buy below the price. Prepare your arguments to justify the price reduction so that the negotiation begins more easily. For example, if there is a lot of work to be done, it is possible to request a quote from a contractor and then present it to the sellers. 


For some deals like Cap Cana real estate for sale, making a lower offer doesn’t always work. This is because places like this are in huge demand. There is always someone willing to pay the demanded price, and you will end up losing that deal.  

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