Paygoo is a startup that offers prepaid cards used at any establishment that accepts Mastercard. Its popularity can be explained by the fact that that you can purchase these prepaid cards at multiple outlets across Norway. Some of these outlets include Circle K, YX/7-Eleven, 7-Eleven, and narvesen.

Other than the regular Paygoo card, you can get a gift card that is valid for one-time use. Besides using Paygoo at online and physical stores, you can use this option at an online casino. As long as the online casino accepts deposits using Mastercard. Below is an extensive look into the details and workings of Paygoo.

Online Casino Deposits with Paygoo

Generally, Paygoo works at online casinos that allow Mastercard transactions. Unfortunately, there are a few challenges that crop up with the use of these payment options. The challenges are because of the limitations enforced by Norwegian authorities. These rules do not favor the operations of foreign online casinos. Consequently, most players have failed deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Normally Norwegian banks have to halt Visa and Mastercard transactions. Given that Paygoo uses Mastercard, it suffers the same fate. Though you can use the payment method at online casinos, you could experience transaction challenges. Luckily, there are many options you could use. Some of these alternative methods include Revolut, VISA at casino, Neosurf, and MuchBetter.

Taxes and Costs

Some costs and fees come up whenever you use Paygoo. If you purchase Paygoo Gift, you can expect a charge of NOK 39 each time. The card itself attracts a charge of NOK 99 although this fee applies only one time.

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With the use of the Paygoo card, you may experience amount limits. You can find more about Paygoo at If you make several Paygoo payments at different online casinos, you should confirm the operational charges. Some online casinos apply a 2.5% charge to the deposit amount. This is on top of the applicable exchange fees.

Pros and Cons of Using Paygoo

Paygoo users can purchase a card at several stores. This card has a similar value to the Mastercard which makes it easy to use since it is widely accepted. It takes a short time to create an account with Paygoo. Also, you can operate your account anonymously hence no need for a direct connection with your bank account.

The fees charged at every card and gift card charges could be the most significant drawback of Paygoo. Online casino players may experience some challenges as they make payments with the payment method. This is because Norwegian authorities have restricted the operations of foreign online casinos in the country.

Banks are ordered to halt transactions done using Mastercard and Visa. Since Paygoo uses a card similar to Mastercard, it falls under this category and observes the laid-out regulations. Some casinos also fail to offer bonuses to players using this method.


Paygoo is a favorable payment option for those who want to avoid direct use of their bank card. Additionally, those who prefer to use mobile devices to make payments can benefit from this method.

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