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Throughout life, many families begin to outgrow their family home, in which you may find your house becoming rather cluttered. Perhaps you’ve resorted to housing guests on a blow-up mattress or shoving toys into a closet and slamming the door shut since out of sight, out of mind, right? 

Moving to a larger house isn’t always an option or can be a lengthy process, so if you’ve found yourself desperate for extra space around the house, we’ve got 7 space maximizing ways to help you out. 

1. Convert your under the stair space

Remember that unusual triangle of space under your staircase where shoes, dog balls, and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things get shoved? That space can fit more than you think. If you’ve begun working from home in the last year and you’re struggling for desk space, why not create it here. Ask around your local carpentry businesses to see if they can provide a design plan.

Alternatively, you could create some perfectly crafted draws to keep shoes and coats in to neaten up your entrance hall. 

2. Invest in a steel building 

If you need extra space but can’t quite finance a full-on extension, a steel building is a great alternative. A steel building can be resurrected in your garden and used as a garden shed or even a parking garage to protect your motor from the elements. 

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3. Give rooms multiple functionalities

Not all of us have the luxury of having a guest room, an office, and a walk-in closet in our house, but with some careful space sharing, your property can still be functional. No space for guests? Try investing in a sofa bed in the lounge which can be pulled out in the evening for guests. 

Need office space but don’t have a spare room? Try out a coffee table with a built-in desk extension. Additionally, your bathroom can be made into a laundry room too by fitting some clever cupboards that house a pull-out ironing board and built-in laundry baskets. 

4. Utilize your closet space

There could be more space in your closet than you realize. Perhaps there’s space for some draws below your hanging rail, or space for shelving at the very top. Speak to a local carpenter about redesigning your wardrobe space to make it more functional for your needs. 

Alternatively, if you have an unused closet, consider taking off the door and turning this into an office space with a small desk, or a reading nook with a built-in bookcase and a small armchair. 

5. Give things a fresh coat of paint

Giving walls and furniture a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference to your small space and has the power to completely transform a room. Try combining darker shades and lighter shades for a more mood-setting and cozy feeling, while maintaining that light and airy space too. 

6. Utilize the attic or basement

Have you considered an attic or basement conversion? Often, these two rooms are used for storage or are dark and empty rooms that are yet to be utilized. However, these are two whole extra rooms in your home that are waiting to be used. 

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For example, if you are in the UK, consider getting a quote from a company specializing in attic or basement conversion and damp proofing in Huddersfield.

7. Use multi-functional furniture

Lots of furniture can be used for multiple purposes. For example, a bed that lifts for extra storage space, a lounge stool that opens to store away books and remote controls, or a window seat with drawers underneath to store the dog’s things and the kids’ toys. 

Places like Ikea, Target, or Homegoods are great for finding affordable furniture. 

Overall, there are so many ways to utilize space in your house. Whether you were struggling for storage space or need extra room, consider the above tips before financing a move to a blogger house. 


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