Organizing a Dream Wedding on a Shoestring Budget

Even when funds are limited, you can still achieve your dream wedding. A shoestring budget doesn’t have to stop you from getting what you want (and it shouldn’t either). Yes, you will have to be a bit more organized, and yes, you may have to make a compromise or two along the way, but at the end of everything, it will all be worthwhile. So, how can you organize your dream wedding, and what should you start looking at first?

Knowing What You Want

When you only have a limited or fixed budget to work with, it is important that you know exactly what you want. Too many options or choices, and even then, changing your mind can prove to be a costly mistake. When you know just what you want, you can then start to focus on getting it and on getting it for the right price. So, take some time out to put together your ideas, thoughts, and visions, and this will then give you a good starting position.

Having a Budget in Place

When you are working on a shoestring budget, it is essential that you know exactly what you have to spend. If you do not write down exactly how much you have to spend (and you instead work on a ballpoint figure), you could see that you would end up spending more than you want to, and possibly even more than you have to spend. When it comes to creating a budget for your wedding day, you want to think about your overall spending, and then you want to try and break down your spending even further. Breaking down your spending will allow you to get all of the elements you need and want to make your wedding truly special.

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Planning and Preparation is Key

The more that you can plan and prepare for your dream wedding, then the better off you will be, and the more likely you are to get just what you want. Planning when and where you will hold the wedding, ad planning out even the finer details such as the invites will ensure that you stay firmly on budget. When you are prepared with a plan in hand, you can tackle anything that crops up.

Organization is Essential

The more organized you are, the easier budgeting and wedding planning will be. When you are calling different suppliers, it can soon get confusing. Being organized will ensure that you know just what you are buying, and what you are spending, when, and from who. If you are not organized, you will struggle to stay within budget.

Being Prepared to Shop Around

You do not always get the best price from just one supplier or provider, and sometimes loyalty does not count. This is why it is important to always shop around. Using online retailers as well as store-based retailers (either locally or further afield) will ensure that you do not overpay for anything you want or need to have within your wedding.

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