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During the Covid-19 pandemic, educators and teachers were forced to tune into online teaching in India, through various online teacher apps, for the teaching and learning to continue. The ‘New Normal’ has all its perks and benefits, but teachers often struggle to use this technology hassle-free. Being habitual to an age-old manner of teaching, it has been difficult for educators to adapt to online teaching style from the scratch. But as said, the rising sun is always saluted; it would only be beneficial for the teachers to adapt the trend in time, to avoid discrepancies in the neo-teaching patterns. In online teaching, lectures are executed and received in a completely different way, than in traditional learning environments. Though the ongoing crisis led to a sudden rise in the online teaching methodology, it seems to remain a prevalent modality in the times to come. Hence it is important for us to discuss the challenges that our teachers face while teaching online, and the solutions to each! 

  1. Non-interactive Students 

If the lecture is not creatively crafted, online learning can be very boring and dreary for a lot of students. They often are not able to establish the links between the lessons taught in the past and present. This happens due to a lack of personal interaction, which is very essential for students to digest and absorb a particular topic. Hence, teachers must ensure that their teaching material is engaging and creative. Brilliant teacher apps like Teachmint, provide an opportunity for the teachers to put across their content effectively and presentably. 

  1. Students are not able to Comprehend. 
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One of the challenges that students face during online classes is that they are unable to have a handle on what they’re being taught, and hence feel disconnected. It is hence essential to make content more comprehensible. Regular feedbacks can further make the process easy. This also gives students space and time that they would need to go through the lesson once again and prepare their queries as well. This is an effective method to evaluate each student’s performance as well. Unison feedbacks should also be allowed so that performance can be recorded. For example – a yes or a no in unison will give the teacher an idea that the students at large have understood the topic or not. Choose a good online teaching app to curb all the issues that you are facing. 

  1. Lack of Group Efforts 

Interaction amongst students is the key to a successful online class. Most of the time students do not happen to discuss their doubts with each other due to online monitoring. This also makes the process dull. Hence, conducting an interactive lecture is a must. Group Discussions, Group-based Projects, Group Assignments; etc must be incorporated so that the students stay connected with each other as well for study purposes. However it is to be noted that most of the time, group discussions can go haywire; hence it is important to specify a particular theme or topic to the students, in advance! Other than that, group projects ensure that students actually study the material and not just comment on each other’s answers. 

  1. Reading Habit is Compromised 
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A lot of parents and teachers do not appreciate the fact that students do not engage in reading in online classes as compared to traditional ones. This also affects their learning ability and communication skills. While physical contact cannot be established in these critical hours, teachers can start the practice of chapter reading by students. Every student can be asked to read out loud the content of the study material paragraph-wise. This ensures that the children are paying attention in the class, while not compromising with their reading abilities. Apart from that newspaper reading and book reading should also be inculcated. 

The complete shift from traditional to Slot Online education can be a bit difficult. It is hence essential to work on effective teaching patterns as well, using advanced and smart pedagogical approaches and getting hands-on new devices and applications that may be essential for the smooth running of your online class. By encouraging group-based learning, continuous communication and active participation, an online class can be conducted easily and successfully. It is a scientific fact that students learn visuals better than texts. Hence, virtual visuals-based learning must not be discouraged in a digital world.  A teacher is also a student and hence, there is zero harm in learning a new way of teaching! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for executing a smart class online, easily! Till then, Happy Online Teaching! 

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