Monsoon Fruits For Weight Loss

Monsoon is a season that brings many thoughts to mind. It can be chai with fritters, hot juices and soups, roaming outside and eating a lot. But all these thoughts are not healthy for you and after fulfilling your eating wish, weight loss becomes a big tension. Today we are here to tell those 5 monsoon fruits for weight loss are healthy as well.  Following a healthy diet becomes essential as the shift in season makes our bodies increasingly prone to seasonal infections.

The good news about this season is that it also comes with a bevy of fruits and vegetables.  This load of healthy diet not only boosts your immunity but also helps in weight loss. Let us know the details of

How Do Monsoon Fruits Work For Weight Loss?

You will find a variety of fresh fruits in the Monsoon that can aid in weight loss. Plus, these give added nutritional value, vitamins, and antioxidants to boost your metabolism and digestion while reducing inflammation. The reason is that all seasonal fruits in the rainy season are juicy enough and low in calories. That is why they work as an ideal diet part for those who want to lose weight.

Plus, the monsoon fruits for weight loss are rich in fiber which aids in improving digestion and keeps you feeling full for longer. Also, their anti-inflammatory properties make them perfect for reducing calories and hence, help lose weight.

What are

Monsoon season brings loads of fresh and super delicious fruits and also can help reduce some extra pounds. Here are those five monsoon fruits:

a). Litchi

Litchi is the first fruit in our list of juicy and monsoon season fruit. It is a flavourful fruit that has a high water composition, copper, vitamins, potassium and antioxidants. It improves blood circulation and helps asthma patients to breathe better as well. In monsoon season most of you are prone to infectious diseases. For curing all of such allergies and common colds Litchi is the best monsoon fruit with a high amount of fibrous nutrients that can also keep you full for a long period.

Furthermore, Litchis are useful in anti-aging formulas and for glowing skin. You can directly intake Litchis or can have Litchi juice, jellies, ice creams or even in Salads. Plus, it is again a low calories monsoon fruit that makes it an essential diet part for weight loss.

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b). Jamun

Jamuns are one of the top 5 monsoon fruits that can fight against respiratory problems and repair teeth and gum problems. This small tangy indigenous fruit of India is abundant with significant antioxidants and nutrients to support your overall health. Jamuns are appetizing and low in calories. Its low-calorie property makes it a helpful fruit for weight loss. So, you must replace your fatty snacks with this mouth-watering fruit Jamun. This seasonal fruit is loaded with fiber, potassium, folate, and iron and is helpful to improve digestion and metabolism.

Intake of Jamuns also helps in reducing gastric dysfunction and is also a healthy snack for our kidneys and liver. Iron in Jamuns helps with the restoration of blood hemoglobin levels and increases oxygen in our bodies. It is a supernatural fruit that reduces blood sugar levels and thus is beneficial for diabetic patients. In addition to all such importance, these are rich in Vitamin C and help heal skin-related problems like acne, pimples and blemishes.

c). Plum (Aaloo Bukhara)

Plum is the next valuable addition to your monsoon fruits for weight loss and many other health benefits. This is again a low-calorie, rich-in dietary fiber fruit and is a great ingredient for smoothies and is an excellent fruit choice for weight-conscious people. They help strengthen the immune system of our body which contains plant fiber and Sorbitol. Sorbitol is a naturally occurring sugar with laxative properties, so can prevent constipation problems and also enhance digestion. It is a boon for people who lack appetite in this season.

Moreover, if we talk about the benefits of plums then because of their richness of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, this boosts our hemoglobin levels and protects us from anemia. In addition, it has some more health benefits than just fruit for weight loss. It can destroy the cancer cells because it has those reddish-blue pigments, called ‘anthocyanins’. Last but not least aaloo bukhara is also helpful in fulfilling bone loss.

d). Cherries

This Juicy and delicious monsoon fruit can jazz up any dessert in the world including puddings, jams, pastries and pies. Plus, they have multi-ranging health benefits for all. Their antioxidants will help in fighting infections and can also give you relaxation from any inflammation. Moreover, Melatonin present in cherries is an aid for cardiac patients.

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Cherries have anti-carcinogenic capabilities that are also helpful in lowering cholesterol, high BP and uric acid levels and work as an agent to repair damaged body cells. Doctors recommend this seasonal fruit to arthritis and gout patients to get relief from their problems. If you want to lessen the bad headaches or insomnia, you must include cherry in your monsoon diet plan. This is low in calories and will keep you full for a longer period and also prevents you from overdoing it. 

e). Pears

Pears are one of the and are a healthy way to quench your hunger for sweetness. At the same time, it will maintain your digestive health. Pears are one of the best monsoon fruits for weight loss and are also a boon for heart patients.

They are composed of fiber, antioxidants, fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium as well as copper. That is not only good for weight loss but also a blessing for diabetic patients. By including pears in your diet plan you can also enhance your skin health since it contains fibrous nutrients that will assist your skin to glow. This is a multipurpose monsoon fruit that also contains calcium, manganese,  phosphorus and magnesium that will help you in maintaining your bone health. Thus, pears are not only a juicy fruit but also have magic for your inner health.


All in all, do not think that only vegetables and food are responsible for your good health. also plays an equal role in maintaining your health. We have mentioned the five significant fruits of monsoon that will provide you imperative healthy results for your skin, heart, bones and immunity system. Apart from these 5 fruits, you will also get some other tasty and thirst-quenching fruits in this season including peach, pomegranate, papaya and pineapple. These monsoon fruits also have some important health benefits for you. Therefore, make this monsoon a healthy season by including these healthy monsoon fruits for weight loss in your diet plan.

FAQs for Monsoon fruits for weight loss!!

1. Which monsoon fruit is effective for weight loss?

Monsoon comes with happiness and rain and also a variety of juicy fruits. All monsoon fruits are effective for weight loss as they are less in calories and more in juice. These include peaches, nectarines, watermelons, apricots, plums, cherries and pears. These all are stone fruits which are low in calories and rich in nutrients, vitamins A and C which is helpful in weight loss.

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2. Which is the best fruit for diabetic patients in monsoons?

Jamun is the recommended fruit for diabetic patients. This keeps the blood sugar level normal and helps to control type 2 diabetes. These patients can also have blackberries,

3. How do monsoon fruits work for weight loss?

All monsoon season fruits are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential requirements to enhance metabolism and digestion. Most of this season’s fruit contains water at the max and calories at the low which helps the body to burn fat more efficiently. Plus, they are rich in fiber and keep you full for longer periods.

4. What is the importance of a balanced diet for Weight Loss?

Having a balanced diet is very important for weight loss, especially during monsoon season. In this season you must include such food items with low calories and high nutrients. This diet plan will also keep you full for a long and will also provide several health benefits.

5. Why we should include monsoon fruits in our diet plan?

You must include seasonal fruits in your balanced diet plans like melons, pears, peaches and bananas. These all are an aid for your digestion system and also helpful in reducing your anytime hunger cravings.

In addition, to incorporate fruits of monsoon season into your diet is equally important to add green and leafy vegetables. These are a source of vitamins and minerals and make your immune system healthy by promoting weight loss.

6. What Happens To Your Stomach During Monsoon Season?

Monsoon season brings many joyful moments and infections as well. It also affects your digestive tract. You may have a more challenging time processing food during this season. Your problems can be:

  • Reduced metabolism and digestion process
  • Impaired Immunity system
  • Certain fungal infections
  • Bacterial allergies
  • Less immunity power

To keep your metabolism fit and to improve your immunity to fight against these allergies and infections, or any infections or diseases, you must include and also to stay fit and healthy.

7. How to intake juicy monsoon fruits for best results?

The best way to eat fruit is the direct intake after proper wash. Cut and peel the fruit and eat it with some salt or chat masala. In case, you cannot consume fruit directly then you can also make shakes, smoothies, ice cream, puddings, fruit salad, fruit curd or simply fruit chat. This will also give equal health benefits.