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PDF splitters are important tools for managing and organizing many different PDF files and documents. With a PDF splitter, users can combine several different PDF files into one to make a more cohesive document. They can also split PDFs into more concise and relevant pieces. PDF splitters can be found online. Several online and offline programs incorporate the ability to merge or combine PDFs into their available PDF editing features. 

How do I combine PDF files for free?

Several online PDF splitters let users merge or split PDFs at little to no cost. The way users typically combine or split their PDFs is by doing the following: 

  • Opening the Merge/Split/Combine feature in their PDF editor’s browser 
  • Choosing the specific action they want to perform (ie. merging, splitting, combining) 
  • Selecting the file(s) they want to merge, split or combine 
  • Using a thumbnail or grid view of the document to select pages to merge or delete 
  • Saving the changes 

The process to combine PDF files is similar across the board, as many online PDF splitters and PDF editors, in general, use the same user interface for this particular function. The reason being is that it is easier to combine or merge PDF files when you can see all the pages you are about to combine. 

How many PDFs can be combined?

There are typically no limits on how many PDF files a particular program will let users merge or combine. Users can combine as many files as they want as long as they stay within a program’s stated file size limit or storage capacity if it even has them. A program like Lumin PDF allows users for unlimited merging or combining but it has storage limits for non-registered or trial users. 

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What is the best free PDF merger?

There are several online PDF splitters and PDF merging and combining programs online. The best one is dependent on what users need it to do. The function of merging or combining PDFs is very basic and easy to do. There are not a lot of programs that have advantages over others as they all do the same thing. 

One program that offers seamless merging, splitting, and combining tools is Lumin PDF. Lumin is an online and offline program that lets users perform any number of different PDF editing functions, along with merging, splitting, and combining. The Lumin browser has a dedicated Page Manipulation toolbar where users can choose from merging, splitting, or combining texts. 



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