How Can Whiteboard Animation Help Your Company's Visuals?

Generating visuals for companies is essential to convey their goal and message to customers and their employees. And one of the best ways to do it is through whiteboard animation. Because of its combined features and creative freedom, it can capture your company’s vision and share it with the people that can make it happen. But if that’s not enough to convince you, below are some reasons why your company should use whiteboard animation for visuals.

Make the Complex Simple and the Dry Entertaining 

Storytelling is the foundation of whiteboard animation. And one of the major benefits you can gain from it is making complex topics simpler and easier to understand and dry ones entertaining. 

Visual storytelling is essential for businesses because plenty of abstract ideas and complex messages can occur in business operations. With visual metaphors, subjects become more familiar, making important topics that are not engaging into something entertaining and memorable by repackaging them into amazing imagery and narrative.

Personality, Tone, and Branding

Scripts are the beginning of whiteboard animation, which creative experts use to create explanatory and storytelling visuals that people can familiarize. The script is then brought to life by a voiceover artist to become the basis of onscreen text.

All of these processes allow you to add your style, personality, and tone that reflects your brand. You can choose the words, colors, images, characters, and images to use, even the voiceover artist and font.

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With so much artistic freedom, you will not have a problem reflecting your brand completely and naturally.

Whiteboard Animation Is Versatile 

More and more people are using mobile video to get their information. So much so that since 2012, mobile video consumption has increased 17-fold, according to Cisco. This means that if there is something you want people to know about your company, it would be best to make a video presentation that can fit on a small screen as well as in traditional settings. And an ideal format for this is whiteboard animation videos.

You can pack plenty of information into them in a small amount of time and space while also providing entertainment and aesthetics, with people viewing it on a flat screen, monitor, and smartphone.

Connect with Audience and Humanize your Business  

One of the many things that make whiteboard animation beneficial to businesses is its way of connecting to audiences. Storytelling plays a big part in this. But there are other reasons why it can resonate with viewers. For example, the right voiceover artist for specific characters can go a long way in helping people identify your message while using pop culture as a reference to make it more relatable.

Another thing you can do is add humor and emotive responses to your videos to make a stronger connection to your video. This would typically be hard. But since you are using whiteboard animation, your creative team can make your sense of humor a reality, no matter how ridiculous or wacky it is.

Show the Bigger Picture

Connecting your ideas can make your audience understand your message better, which is the edge of whiteboard animation over other forms of storytelling. Because of its ability to show the bigger picture, you can explain your message completely, even if it has complex ideas and data.

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Tailor Your Whiteboard Animation to Your Subject 

Creating content for a specific subject can sometimes be difficult. But with whiteboard animation, that is not a problem. Your creative team can create the perfect illustration and characters to present the subject while promoting engagement. 


Improving your company’s visuals is essential to present your brand and message understandably and memorably. And one of the best ways to do that is through whiteboard animation. Just ensure you have the right creative team, like artist Scott Mooney.


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