Laser Circumcision is Better than Traditional Methods

Owing to the various benefits that circumcision has, it has become a rather common surgical procedure. We all are aware of the debate around circumcision since the time it was carried as just a religious practice considered to have purifying effects. Fortunately, as more and more people are becoming educated about the medical sciences, the air of taboo around circumcision has started vanishing.

Several medical benefits of circumcision have started coming to light. Some of these are:

a). It cures even severe penile problems related to the foreskin.

b). Reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.

c). It provides significant protection against sexually transmitted infections like HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis.

d). Infant circumcision reduces the risk of penile cancer by as much as 90 percent.

Earlier, the primary circumcision procedure was open surgery. In the traditional method of circumcision, the surgeon cuts across the length of the foreskin to remove it. The procedure is more complex and painful than it sounds. However, as technology has evolved for the better, so have the procedures for circumcision. The new and advanced surgery of laser circumcision has come into existence and it has several advantages over the conventional methods. Let’s introduce you to its benefits and procedure in a crisp manner through this blog. Read further for all the insights.

Benefits of laser circumcision over traditional methods:

1. Non-invasive procedure

Laser circumcision is a 100% non-invasive procedure. Unlike conventional surgeries, it does not require any cuts or incisions to be carried out on the body. Instead, in this procedure, the surgeon uses a high-intensity laser beam to perform the surgery. Since no cuts or incisions are made, there is minimal bleeding and the surgery is absolutely painless.

2. No stitches or long term scars

The advanced laser circumcision does not involve the use of any stitches or sutures. As a result, it leaves behind no wounds or scars. On the other hand, in traditional surgeries, there is a high chance that the procedure can cause long term scars where the incisions were carried out.

3. Short stay surgery

After undergoing the traditional open surgeries, you may have to stay in the hospital for a few days and this can be quite inconvenient. However, this is not the case for laser circumcision. Laser circumcision is a 15-minute procedure and then you can head home as soon as the effect of anesthesia wears off. Therefore, you do not need to worry about leaving work for a long time or the additional hospital stay expenses.

4. No postoperative complications

In open circumcision, some major incisions are made on the body which is then closed off using incisions. The site of these incisions can become an easy target for microbial attack and thus the risk of infections is high. The minimally invasive nature of laser circumcision, however, increases its safety as well. There is no risk of infections and the complication rate is also almost negligible.

5. Short and smooth recovery period

Unlike traditional circumcision procedures that are quite invasive painful, the recovery span for laser circumcision is much shorter. The patient recovers fully in just 2-3 days as there is no deep wound to heal or any sutures to be taken care of. The person can easily walk around and carry out his everyday routine in less than a week. But yes, the doctor may suggest avoiding lifting heavy objects or indulging in sexual activities for some days. So, make sure that you do not miss out on your follow-up after laser circumcision.

6. Permanent relief from penile inflammation

When no medications and ointments cure the inflammatory conditions of the penis, circumcision is the only permanent solution. Laser circumcision provides complete relief from problems like phimosis (tight sore foreskin), posthitis (inflammation of the foreskin), balanitis (inflammation of the glans penis), etc. As the pulses of the laser completely remove the foreskin, there are no chances of recurrence of such penile problems

Now that you are familiar with all the benefits of laser circumcision, let’s also tell you shortly about the procedure.

A quick insight into the procedure of laser circumcision

Laser circumcision is a high precision procedure that is performed as a preventive as well as a treatment procedure for a number of foreskin-related issues. In this procedure, the surgeon makes use of pulses of laser energy to remove the foreskin layer from the penis.

Once the foreskin is removed, the penile problem resolves and the patient gets permanent relief from all the discomforts. The procedure is performed under the influence of regional or general anesthesia and thus inflicts no pain at all. The success rate of laser circumcision is nearly 100% and most hospitals are now shifting to this modern surgery for curing foreskin-related conditions. Also, it won’t be wrong to say that it frees you of troublesome penile problems in just one day.

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Take Away

Silently suffering from penile problems that have an easy cure is no more a wise choice. We have provided you with the information enough to burst the bubble of fear around circumcision. So, all you need to do is just get in contact with an experienced doctor who courteously attends to your issue without rushing for the surgery. Also, remember that it is very important that your doctor understands your condition completely. Therefore, do not feel embarrassed and open up to the doctor for a reliable and hassle-free treatment.

Originally posted 2020-11-18 21:55:36.