Cannabis seeds

The growth, ownership, and recreational use of cannabis have been legalized in more than a few states. As more people discover the benefits of cannabis, it is also being discovered that it is not as dangerous as it has been painted to be. To grow cannabis at home, you will need to buy cannabis seeds from a seed bank which can be a physical store or an online one. Cannabis seeds are not legal in all countries, hence the question of if they are safe to buy online. Another thing that can raise the question of the safety of buying cannabis seeds online is the guarantee of quality. The following tips will help you purchase cannabis seeds safely. 

1. Check the cannabis laws in your country

Before you place an online order for cannabis seeds, you should check what the laws of your country say about the sale, possession, and growth of cannabis seeds. This will help you decide whether to go ahead and buy the seeds, buy them through special methods, or forgo the whole idea of buying the seeds. If you live in a region where cannabis seeds can be legally possessed, then you have no problems and can go ahead to order your seeds. If cannabis is however illegal in your region, you have to weigh the risks and decide on a course of action. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, you have to ensure that the seed bank you buy from has a discreet shipping option. Discreet shipping involves disguising your seed order so that it can bypass custom checks at the border. 

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2. Buy from a reputable seed bank

This goes without saying. A reputable seed bank guarantees two things, the first being quality. Cannabis seeds purchased from a reputable seed bank are guaranteed to have a high germination rate and you will not have wasted your money buying seeds that will not grow. The second thing buying from a reputable seed bank guarantees you is safe delivery and returns. Seeds bought from a shady seed bank may not get delivered to you and there may be no refund of your money. A reputable one will however refund your money if you do not receive your delivery and will even accept returns if the seeds turn out to be damaged. 

3. Divide your order

If you plan to order a large number of seeds, it makes sense to split your order over several purchases. This is so that if you lose any of the orders, either to thorough customs searches or careless delivery agents, you do not lose all of your seeds. You should also pay attention to delivery guarantees. Some seed banks promise a refund if your order does not get to you. 

4. Choose a confidential and secure payment method

Online payments have become increasingly secure and safe. A lot of seed banks will offer external payment portals with your credit card which will allow you to pay for your order without the bank receiving any of your card details. The seed bank then goes ahead to destroy all of your data to ensure that your purchase is untraceable. Other payment methods are available for your cannabis seed purchase such as Bitcoin and bank transfers. A reputable seed bank will not include anything related to cannabis in the description of your order. Some seed banks will even allow you to pay cash on delivery in some regions. 

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5. You may use a different name 

If you do not want your name to be associated with the purchase of cannabis seeds, you can place your order using an alias. Some seed banks will also allow you to place your order without tracking in which case you will not be required to sign when you receive your order. You can make use of initials and even open a separate email address that does not contain your name to process your orders. 

6. Have your seeds delivered to a PO box

You can rent a box at the post office to have your cannabis seeds delivered if you would not want to submit your residential address for delivery. This will help to keep your information a secret. 

7. Exercise patience

Cannabis seeds shipped internationally will take a while to get to you. An order from a UK-based seed bank may take up to 10 days to arrive in the US and can even take up to 30 days for some other locations. If your order takes a while to arrive, you shouldn’t panic and should just wait patiently. Most reputable seed banks will have an estimated delivery time for orders to different regions. If you however wait longer than your estimated delivery time and still do not receive your order, you can then reach out to the seed bank to process a refund. 

Types of cannabis seeds you can order online

There are three major types of marijuana seeds

  1. Regular seeds: These are normal seeds that have a 50% chance of being either male or female. The female seeds are the preferred ones as they produce the plants that cannabinoids are harvested from. 
  2. Feminized seeds: These are seeds that are guaranteed to grow resinous buds. This eliminates the guessing game and helps you to ensure a harvest when you plant. 
  3. Auto-flowering seeds: These are the best seeds for indoor growth. These seeds begin to flower once they reach a certain age as opposed to normal seeds that flower when there is a specific change in the amount of light received by the plant. This makes auto-flowering seeds much easier to grow as you do not have to worry about changing the cycle of your lighting. 
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You can buy cheap marijuana seeds of any of the above varieties from Herbies securely and safely. With all the measures in place, you can be sure that you will receive your seeds regardless of what country you reside in and the marijuana laws in place in the country. 


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