New Cosmetic Trend: Cannabinoid Products

When canna products were first discussed in the beauty industry, many specialists and clients had their doubts. Is it worth experimenting with an ingredient that is poorly studied, and even not allowed in all countries, when there are many alternatives like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and canna oil? Nevertheless, recent stats have shown an increase in sales of CBD cosmetics by as much as 99%. It seems that this trend occupies the market and is not going to slow down.

What is the difference between cannabis and cannabinoids?

CBD/cannabinoids are non-psychoactive cannabis extracts that have taken their place in the beauty industry for their soothing, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be also found in Delta-9 live rosin, alongside THC known for its psychoactive properties. 

CBD is extracted from hemp using a special method: for example, if you use cold pressing, you get hemp oil, while the extraction of CBD using carbon dioxide just allows you to get necessary substances.

In English terminology, there is a distinction between “cannabis”, and “hemp”. The plant itself contains up to 500 active components. Hemp seed oil is a powerful moisturizer and rich in fatty acids, which is why it is still an important ingredient in skincare cosmetics. But it is important not to confuse it with CBD, so you need to read the fine print from the list of components and look for these three letters.

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THC and CBD in Cosmetics

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are 2 types of cannabinoids that are widely used for the production of cosmetics. According to numerous studies, THC calms the skin, but it is also responsible for the narcotic effect, so it is allowed in no more than 3% in cosmetics. In comparison, Delta-9 THC gummies contain 25 mg of THC per gummy.

In most cases, only a certain type of cannabinoid, which is predominant in hemp, gets into cosmetics. CBD is made from the stem and leaves of the plant, so it does not have a psychotropic effect. CBD is not considered to be as helpful as a combination of compounds. It contains many vitamins, trace elements that decrease cholesterol, help to fight excess weight, improve the state of skin, restore the hydrolipid balance, and strengthen nails and hair.

Cannabinoid Products

Is the use of cannabinoids legal?

Yes, such products are legal for use after they have passed some certification from the responsible authorities. However, if you are going on vacation, do not rush to pack your favorite CBD products in a suitcase: despite the fact that many European and other countries allow their use, there are a number of states in which cannabinoids are strictly prohibited. Be sure to check this information in advance in order to avoid problems with the police. Meanwhile, if you are traveling around the US, in 99% of cases your hemp-based cosmetics will be allowed. 

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