Is American Cheese Getting Out Of Fashion Amid The Organic Fad?

American cheese is a top-rated cheese product in the United States and now in all countries across the world. However, it originated in Switzerland back in the 1910s, not in America – to create a cheese that could be store for a longer period of time. 

Kraft patented American cheese in 1916, and since then it has become part of American history and is an everyday staple in many American dishes.

I don’t think there is anyone here who doesn’t know about American cheese, but if you don’t know let me tell what American cheese is. American cheese is a kind of processed cheese that is typically made from cheddar, Colby or similar cheeses. American cheese slices have a creamy and salty flavour. The low melting point and medium-firm consistency of American cheese make it the best cheese for burgers.

American cheese is considered perfect, be it the shape, convenience, taste or look. Nowadays, not everyone agrees with this. American cheese is going out of fashion but for all the wrong reasons.

People are choosing whole organic foods and avoiding processed foods. Is it really organic food or fad? We don’t know. If the food you purchase is actually organic, then that is great, it is healthy for sure. Yet you cannot say, all the food that is not organic is unhealthy.

For me, healthy food is high-quality, has lots of nutrients and tastes amazing. American cheese has all these qualities.

Not everyone will move away from American cheese; it is loved and will be loved by people like me. American cheese is not bad at all, but it is misunderstood. If the manufactures are transparent about the ingredients and their quantity used, it is all good. 

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American cheese is the best cheese for burgers, and no other cheese can replace them. I always have them in my pantry. However, the most important thing to consider when buying American cheese is the manufacturers.

When it comes to the quality of food, not all sellers or manufacturers can be trusted. For me, Pure Dairy is the only cheese manufacturers whom I trust. They are driven by a passion for providing the finest quality cheese to the cheesemongers. 

Pure Dairy American cheese slices contain the maximum amount of cheese and very little quantities of other ingredients. It also does not have any nasty additives that are harmful to us.

You can buy Hi-Melt Burger Cheese, the best-selling American cheese slices in Australia from Pure Dairy. Simply send your order details in the contact form on their website, and one of their sales team members will get back to you with additional details.


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