What is Iganony?

Want to watch Instagram stories anonymously? Iganony is for you. Do you endlessly scroll social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and others? There are various benefits of social media. You virtually connect with your friends, relatives, and even strangers and share your posts, pics, or stories with them. 

On doing so your profile is also shared with the user. So on such occasions, people frequently search for hacks or alternative sites where you can anonymously watch Instagram stories and posts. This will not only keep your ID hidden but also untraceable. So you can always prefer a reliable platform like Iganony to watch Instagram stories anonymously. This blog is all about how you can make the best use of this website and also check the alternatives just in case the original one does not work.

What is Iganony?

Iganony is a website that gives you an interesting feature to anonymously watch stories of others over the Instagram app or site. Iganony itself stands for Instagram anonymously where after proceeding with some basic steps you can watch anonymous stories of other people including friends, relatives, and strangers. There are many versions of the site available that are similar in function. It is regarded as the best Instagram tool on the internet. To give you more details about the site go through its various features mentioned below.

Iganony features and advantages:

Supports downloads – You are aware that you cannot download or copy any content from the official Instagram site so to get this feature there are numerous downloading sites and the best among those is Iganony. Here you can download all the content by just providing the link to the site. 

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Helps you remain anonymous – Iganony helps you remain anonymous when you watch someone else’s story using their site. This protects your data and keeps your identity hidden from the others. This will shield you from any kind of embarrassment. You can also choose to prefer the premium version of the site which will give you some additional features. 

Protects data – Inganony is a reliable site that protects your data and saves you from spam mail and messages. The most interesting feature is that the data gets stored on your device instead of their site so that you have no trust issues. 

Best interface and easy-to-use site – Iganony has the best interface similar to Instagram where you can feel no difference between the platforms. A person with basic knowledge of the internet can easily access the site and use it to its full potential. 

Fewer advertisements on Iganony – This site is not a clickbait site where you will be bombarded with advertisements and pop-ups the moment you enter. Here you will see comparatively fewer advertisements and only the genuine and the relevant ones. You can also opt for the premium option and use the platform with zero ads.

Approachable for all – The site works on the feedback mechanism and takes advice and suggestions seriously. You can easily contact their team and within a few days, they will revert you with a positive action. genuine.

Steps to use Iganony to watch Instagram stories and download it anonymously:

Instagram stories
Instagram stories
  • This is an easy task. First of all, pick a device and then select the browser. In the search bar then type “Iganony” and hit enter.
  • The search engine will show you some results of the related websites. The original one will be located in the top position. Click on the genuine link and then you will reach the homepage.
  • Now on the homepage, you will see the option to give a link in the middle of the homepage. Here you can either paste the copied link or type the link of the Instragram and click search.
  • After this, log into the account by filling in your credentials and now you can anonymously watch any profile, story, or post, using Iganony.
  • Even to download you can click on the particular video and you will automatically find the option for the required action. 
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Steps to use the premium version of Iganony:

In order to get an advertisement free experience, you can choose the premium version of Iganony. You will find the option in the top right corner of the homepage named “try premium”. Click here and you unlock an ad-free experience for yourself. But this feature as of now is unavailable. There is hardly any advantage of the premium version; all the features are already unlocked in the free version. 

Iganony alternatives:

Iganony alternatives
Iganony alternatives

It may happen that a particular site is banned in a particular region so even if you want the site to have similar features, you have to check for alternatives or use a VPN to create a fake IP address. If you use a VPN, then Iganony will function on your device but if the site itself is not working, then you can choose these alternative sites of Iganony mentioned below:

  • Insta Stories Online
  •  Insta Stories Viewer
  •  Stories Down
  • Stories IG
  •  Insta Navigation
  •  StoriesStalker
  • Savefromnet.com
  • Igram

Here are some FAQs regarding Iganony:

What is Iganony used for?

Iganony is used to watch Instagram stories and download them anonymously. 

Is Iganony safe?

There is no risk associated with Iganony in particular but sharing, downloading, and uploading data over the internet has various hazards associated with it. Since for any activity you have to share your storage, local, and other information with apps and sites, they may misuse the data provided by you for their benefit. Even your photographs from the gallery can be leaked. So it is advised to not share any personal information on such sites. 

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Can I see someone’s private profile stories on Iganony?

No, this feature as of now is not available on any platform including Iganony. 

Can I download stories from Iganony?

Absolutely yes, you can download any story using Iganony. You need to choose the icon near the videos and stories. 

Is Iganony a free site?

Yes, Iganony is free to use but it also has a paid version which will eradicate all the advertisements if you choose one.

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