How to Make Content Writing a Full-Time Job

Content writing is writing with a purpose. It includes everything you see when you read articles, blogs, content for any promotional purpose, or any script. It is more of an art than science. It involves creativity and wit. Have you ever read something that just felt right or just encouraged you to take action? That is the power of writing skills. No doubt anybody can write, but if you desire to see yourself as a professional content writer, you have to have a way with words. However, it would be wrong to say that one must have innate writing skills or a great vocabulary to become a content writer. 

Have you ever wondered that you can be a full-time content writer and can still earn well? Here are a few tips on how you can onboard on your journey towards becoming a full-time content writer.

#1. Make samples of your work

Prepare some content samples to showcase your work and writing skills. You can post your work on many platforms or your social media accounts. It is the primary task you need to do because that is going to bring you leads. So, whenever you are asked for writing samples, you have them ready beforehand. Also, before writing on any topic, analyze other articles on similar topics on the internet. This will give you a gist of how things are done and what you can do better.

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#2. Optimize your social media profiles

The next task at hand is to optimize your social media handles. Add that you are a content writer in your bio along with your work experience or education. This will help you get leads faster. It will also help you to create connections with people in your community.

#3. Your network is your net worth

Yes, you got it right. It can be a struggle to find the first few leads or initial clients. But if you know someone who hires for such work or who is doing the same thing, then things start off much smoother than otherwise. So, try creating connections and start networking. Even if you do not know people personally, search for them. Try connecting with them, and you will probably be able to start off the right foot. Approaching them in the right manner is also very important. Go through their profiles, know about them, and then initiate a conversation. For example, you went through their content and found it interesting; then you can start off by complimenting them for their work. If you start this way, most people will be genuinely interested in you. 

#4. Look for opportunities on different types of job boards

There are thousands of jobs available on various job boards which can actually help you land your first gig. e.g., LinkedIn Jobs, Internshala,, Facebook, etc. Explore the platforms, and you will surely be able to get some leads. 

Once you land your first gig, make sure you do a little research about your employer. Check their websites, their social media handles, and their legitimacy. Content writing is not as difficult to get started with. Once you become consistent with your work, then you can make it your full-time job in no time.

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#5. Join writing classes

It is very important to keep your writing skills in top shape if you wish to become a full-time content writer. Getting help from an experienced professional would only help you get better at your job. Unluclass is offering writing classes online by the legendary Ruskin Bond, who will share insights from his more than seven-decade-long career. Visit our website for more information on this one-of-a-kind opportunity!


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