How To Improve Communication Between An Agency And A Customer

Every web agency requires customer service, and the person behind this job needs to have a good relationship with customers.  When your customer service has a good relationship with your customers, they feel safe in your agency; you will also improve your agency because your clients will inform you of things you need to improve. Building a great connection also grants trustworthy customers who will never leave your agency unless something terrible forces them to. 

To get the connection you want with your customers, you need communication skills. Poor communication may lead to the delivery of wrong information, lack of trust and bad outcomes. Moreover, communication needs to be a two-way process, your customers have to have good communication skills too, or all of you will not understand each other. 

Here are some of the things that can make your communication better:

1. Have weekly calls 

As a web agency, you need to keep tabs on your customer to know if the website is working well or if there are viruses. Normalize calling your customers every week and sending emails to them daily just to make sure everything is working perfectly. When you reach your customer, you will be able to know how the website has been running during the week and if any changes need to be made. When you do this, the customer is assured that you care about your website and them, and you want everything to work smoothly. 

2. Adopt active listening 

When you call your customer or when your customer calls, you listen to what they have to say; through this, you will be able to know if they are calling to complain, ask for assistance or if they need changes.  Avoid acting as if you know it all, even if you learn more about the website than your customer. When you listen, you will be able to answer correctly and assist your customer.  

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3. Adopt smooth communication between technical and non-technical persons 

An issue can arise when you don’t know the difference between technically- confident and less confident persons. The main problem occurs when vocabulary is used, and it has a meaning to an IT expert leading to poor communication. The easiest way to help your client is to try and explain the solution in a non-technical manner to know how to deal with the issue they have. 

4. Be honest 

If you were supposed to complete a specific website on a particular date, and your client keeps calling, it’s best, to be honest with them and tell them the website still hasn’t been completed and assure them you will be done as fast as possible. Moreover, if there was a problem with a customer’s website and you haven’t resolved it, inform them that you haven’t to avoid rushing. 


Good communication is something that employees need to learn and be taught before they handle clients so that your agency doesn’t end up losing its best customers. Employees should also learn to be patient with customers and assist them.