How to Find the Best Discord Bot for Your Server

Discord bots are a new phenomenon that has been sweeping the gaming world. They’re not all made equally, and knowing how to find one is crucial if you want to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a Discord bot for your server, this article will help you figure out what features you should be on the lookout for. We will also explore some tips on how to pick an effective Discord bot for your needs!

Check the commands:

Some bots have many commands that can be used to control how you interact with the bot. The more complex these commands are, the better! This is because it will allow for dynamic interactions between your server and guests on Discord. You want to make sure this has some or all of:

– Banning members who break rules

– Managing permissions for server roles

– Being able to change how alerts work when people join/leave your server etc. (subscribe mode)

These features are great ways to customize how interaction works in general, so everyone feels like they’re getting what they need from their time spent there. These things can also act as good icebreakers if someone’s having trouble figuring out how to start a conversation.

Themes make a difference:

There are plenty of bots out there that allow for custom themes and many other customization features to give your Discord server its own unique personality! These bots might not have as much functionality as some others, but they’re great at making sure your branding is consistent across all platforms.

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You’ll be able to find one with just about any style or function you could want, so take the time to figure out what’s important to you before picking an option. They may cost money, but if these things matter most, then don’t worry because they’re worth every penny in our opinion!

Voice channels:

A very important feature for any Discord server is voice channels. Voice channels allow people in the same chat channel to talk with each other, but how can you tell how many are available? You’ll be able to see it under the “Voice Channels” tab on the left-hand side of your screen that appears when you open up a new window or go into settings. Make sure there’s enough space allocated, so everyone who joins has room!

Customization options:

When it comes time to picking a Discord bot, customization is key to make sure that everyone feels welcome when they join up. You might have different needs from those of other servers so take care to choose things that are important to you before picking an option. They may cost money, but if these things matter most, then don’t worry because they’re worth every penny in our opinion!

Advanced features:

You might not need a ton of advanced features, but it never hurts to have them on hand if the occasion calls for it. Discord bots usually come with standard things like how many messages are allowed in chat at any given time and how long you want unread messages to stay before they disappear, so make sure that those options are set up accordingly! Other than that, there’s really no way to know what kind of bot is best without trying out some different ones.

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Know an average number of users:

Think about how often your members will be using it and how many people are on your discord server. This affects how much processing power is necessary, so make sure you find an appropriate one for how active things get on chat. Smaller servers can probably use a less powerful bot than larger ones with more traffic; there’s no set rule of thumb here. It will depend on how many people are on your server and how active they get while chatting.

User interface:

User interface
How do your members prefer to use the bot? Do you want a text-based interface or one with graphics and pictures? There are pros and cons for each option, so think about how people will most likely be using it. You can either go with the most popular option or something more unique.


How many mentions should you look for? If you’re on a larger server with lots of activity, there will be more conversation and thus an increased need for emotes, text formatting options, etc. But if your members prefer small chats, then it’s best to go without any extras like this; they’ll just slow things down instead of speeding them up! It might seem difficult at first when picking which features are right for your community, but once you get used to what people use in different servers, it gets easier with time.


How does this looks in discord is also something to consider when picking out the right bot! If you’re going for something sleek that matches perfectly with your new design scheme, then make sure the bot’s aesthetics match as well. Remember that there’s no point if your server looks great but has a boring-looking bot!

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Integrations: This is a big one! If you’re looking for a bot to help automate some tasks, then make sure the bots’ integrations match your needs. For example, if you have an image hosting site, how might this be useful in your server? Including that integration with your Discord bot would allow members of the community to upload and share images on the go without having to leave their conversations.

Why should you have a discord bot for your server?

Customization: With a bot, you have complete control over how it looks and how it operates. You can tweak any of the settings to be more or less intrusive with how they operate on your server.

Increased Activity: The best bots are those that encourage conversation! This is due to not only how customizable they can be but also because some games send notifications when there’s a new post made so members will know to check out what’s been said on their chats.

Improved Quality of Life: The best bots are also those that make moderation much easier. Some offer features such as kicking, banning, and silencing members with the click of a button – which can be invaluable for busy admins!


If you’re looking for a Discord bot for your server, take the time to find one that suits how you want your members to interact. There are many options out there; be sure to choose wisely!



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