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Home is about coziness and comfort. And interiors are the main tool for creating them. Opting for picture hanging Sydney services to surrounding yourself with art is a trendy choice and a smart design decision for perfectly arranged decor. But how do you choose a painting for the interior?

Rules and recommendations

There are lots of tips on how to choose a painting for your interior, playing with its subjects, composition, and form. You can find lots of ready-made models of what it should look like. But all that is pointless if you ignore the first rule: you have to like the picture. The main criterion for selection is its aesthetic and personal value for you.

Everyone will find a masterpiece

You can buy a painting for your home at art shows, auctions, or by getting to know the artist directly. But in our reality, the easiest and most convenient way to buy painting online 

What to do next with the painting?  

І. First, determine its role and place in the interior

This is the main point on which further actions depend. Is your picture going to be the focal point around which the interior will be built, or will you want it to be integrated into an already existing composition? In the first case, emphasize the place of the picture, highlight it, and pay attention to it. Do it better because of the contrasts in shades of colors, or because of its positioning relative to other elements of the interior. If the picture is only supposed to supplement the already established image of the surroundings, on the contrary, you should bring them as close as possible: in terms of colors, themes, or positioning in relation to other objects.

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ІІ. Remember the concept. Invent a new one if you have forgotten it.

Even chaotically scrawled white paper frames on the wall have their own idea and charm. In the dining room, you could hang a copy of ‘The Last Supper’, a pop-art cry depicting cans of tomato soup, or generally a creepy ‘Saturn devouring his son’ – all these options are perfectly acceptable, the main thing is not to be out of place or vice versa to set the overall mood of the room. A sense of the integrity of space is a marker for getting it right.

ІІІ. Don’t be afraid to experiment

You can not say that the refined forms of the baroque interior do not combine with the specific pictures of contemporary artists, or in minimalist scenery, there is no place for a huge reproduction of Rembrandt or Van Gogh. It all depends on the point of view. Today designs are becoming more and more surprising and unconventional. What at first glance may seem inappropriate or even distasteful, finds its connoisseurs. Trust yourself.

ІV. Work on your “mindfulness”.

To navigate a topic and create the perfect one, don’t be afraid to refer to the experiences of others. Browse theme boards on Pinterest, and look out for successful solutions in public places, cafes, pubs, or simply as a guest. But don’t copy them completely in the smallest detail. Such practice helps you understand the principles of interior design and trains your ‘design muscles’, even if you have nothing to do with the profession.

V. Listen to your own desires

Only you know for sure if you want to see a picture in your bathroom every morning or if you’d rather have a still life with hygiene products. Choosing a picture for your interior depends on many factors, but the most important one is your desire to admire it every day.

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Listen to your own desires

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