6 Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces 2021

If you are feeling down about your small living space, take a look around and reconsider. By embracing the unique challenges of small spaces, you might achieve a brighter outlook. After all, smaller homes are more sustainable, easier to keep clean, and cheaper to maintain.

Plus, there is a lot you can do to make a small space work for you. If you are willing to be creative and invest in some quality design pieces, you can create a home that is cozy and full of personality. From adding an electric fireplace to investing in pocket doors, there are a lot of options for those who are willing to put in the work.

Give Your Space Height (Or the Appearance of It)

One way to make your space feel bigger is to give the appearance of high or vaulted ceilings. You can do this by a few different means.  First, you might try to purchase furniture that is lower to the ground. Low-seated sofas have the added benefit of appearing postmodern and minimalistic. Better yet, the extra space between the top of your furniture and your ceiling will make the space feel more spacious.

Likewise, you can trick the eye by installing your curtain rods higher and investing in longer drapes and blinds. Floor-to-ceiling drapery will make the room appear taller. 

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Embrace the Coziness

Take advantage of the inherent coziness of small spaces. Dark and moody paint colors, vanilla-scented candles, large potted plants, and plush rugs can make your home the cozy abode you’ve always dreamed of.

If you want to take your newfound coziness to the next level, consider adding a dimplex fireplace to your living room or bedroom. Electric fireplaces don’t take up a lot of space but they make a huge impact. Nothing says cozy like the warmth and light of a fire. Here are a few other advantages you can look forward to:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Look realistic
  • Can be customized to your design tastes
  • Safety (glass is not hot to the touch)
  • Clean (no ash or soot)

You’ll enjoy curling up with a blanket and a good book as you sit next to the electric fireplace in your cozy home.

Make a Big Statement with a Formal Chandelier

Make a Big Statement with a Formal Chandelier

Every home needs a stunning centerpiece, so go big with the addition of a formal chandelier. An elegant piece of lighting above your bed, living room, or dining table makes a statement and gives the appearance of grandeur. 

To make sure your chandelier is a good fit for your space, take the time to read up on how to balance size, shape, and proportions. A chandelier that is too large, too small, or the wrong shape entirely can throw off the elegant vibe you’re looking for.

Invest in Custom-Made Furniture

When you are working with a small space, it can be hard to find furniture that functions exactly how you want and need it to. You can shop around for small sofas, chaises, and lounge chairs in the hopes that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Or, you can save yourself some time by skipping the search and heading directly to a custom furniture shop.

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When designing furniture for small spaces, these guidelines get you started in the right direction:

  • Multi-purpose pieces are a great use of space. Incorporate a storage ottoman, murphy bed, or expanding table into your designs.
  • Keep your color palette light and minimalistic. This will keep the space from looking cluttered or busy.
  • Only invest in furniture that you plan to use on a daily basis. Anything else is wasted space.
  • Plan on maintaining space between your furniture and walls. This will give the room an airy and spacious feeling.

Custom furniture may come with a higher price tag, but the extra money is worth the improved use of space.

Use Mirrors to Give the Impression of Space

It’s the oldest trick in the book for a reason. A wisely placed mirror truly does make a room seem larger than it actually is. Follow these tips to find the perfect placement for a mirror in your small space:

  • Opt for a large mirror that is tall and thin. This will make your walls seem taller. A short mirror or group of smaller mirrors will only serve to make the space look cluttered. 
  • Hang your mirror next to your lighting fixture to make the room brighter.
  • Don’t choose a mirror with an ornate frame. Clean and simple lines will have the greatest impact.

Your tight space will appear brighter and bigger when you use mirrors in a thoughtful way.

Try Barn or Pocket Doors

A standard door eats up space in the direction that it swings. Fortunately, there are a range of space-saving (and stylish) options on the market today. You can shutter a room with a simple pocket door that fits into a recess in the wall. Or, you might opt for a barn door that slides along a rail and moves tightly along the wall.

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Whatever you choose, the space-saving results will be immediate. Plus, you’ll love the sleek and streamlined look these features offer. Just be sure to do your research and ensure your walls have the strength and space to support a barn or pocket door.

If you can’t make barn or pocket doors work for your space, you can always try foldable or accordion doors. Or, you might remove the door entirely to simplify the entryway and clear up space.

Love Life in Your Small Space

Love Life in Your Small Space

Small living space has the potential to become the home of your dreams. With intentional design choices and a few smart investments, the dwelling will become functional, beautiful, and customized to your specific preferences. 

To make your small home your dream home, you might install a cozy electric fireplace, brightening mirrors, multipurpose furniture, or all of the above. It’s doubtless that these additions will pay off in the long run and allow you to better enjoy your small space.


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