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Payment links are the simplest way to collect payments from online customers within seconds. They require no technical integration or additional hardware and come in a ready-to-use format. An online payment method requires the merchant to generate a link requesting the customer to pay the specified amount when the customer clicks on the link. Merchants can set up an entire custom payment page, and the customer can access it with a simple tap. When a customer clicks on the URL link, they are redirected to the payment page, where they complete the transaction by paying the sum amount requested by the merchant.

Most payment gateways in India offer merchants to generate payment links via a dashboard conveniently and efficiently. Payment links have significantly helped the online businesses in India during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Payment links happened to be the revolutionary tool that allowed contactless payments and let people pay via their phones. Even for businesses with ‘pay-on-delivery’ models, payment links proved to be a great way to make safe payments without the hassle of cash transactions. All the delivery agent had to do was send a payment link to the customer at the time of delivery and receive instant payments. 

While the pandemic was a turning point for businesses using payment links, there are multiple other benefits it has offered merchants so far. Here are a few of them:

1. Offers flexible payment options

Payment links can be configured to direct the customer to a payment gateway in India. These come in the form of URLs sent over email, WhatsApp, SMS, and other messaging apps. Payment links can also be sent via email with an attached invoice, specifying customer and purchase details and the amount. 

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After the customer clicks to open the link, they can choose a payment option that best suits them. This flexibility to choose a payment option gives a sense of freedom to the customers who are not bound by one payment option.

2. Empowers businesses without websites

Payment links can be a boon for online businesses that do not have a website or an app. If a selling enterprise does not have a full-fledged online store or a card payment terminal, payment links can be the ideal go-to option. Payment links streamline the payment process for an online business without making websites mandatory.

Businesses transitioning from offline settings to online can also benefit significantly from payment links. Payment links do not necessarily require a technical setup and can be a convenient payment collection method for online businesses.

3. Reduces costs

While online payments are already far easier on the pocket than offline transactions, payment links reduce the overhead costs even further. Accepting payment via payment links means that a merchant does not need payment devices like card terminals or third-party applications. 

This means that the business can avoid setup costs usually associated with payment gateways in India. Zaakpay, for example, is a super cost-effective payment solution that lets merchants create payment links within a few seconds and get paid swiftly. 

4. Makes payment convenient

Payment links offer a hassle-free transaction experience to both the merchant as well as the customer. A business hoping to cater to its online customers can start doing so immediately with payment links. They require no additional setup and can be integrated within the existing framework that the merchant has, whether it be a business account on Instagram or a page on Facebook. Adding a simple payment link on the page can enable the merchant to start accepting orders and payments from customers located all over the country. 

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Similarly, a customer need only click on the link provided, enter their payment details, and complete the transaction. A merchant no longer has to be concerned about customers abandoning the transaction mid-way due to the long and tiresome process. Payment links can be used as a tangible means of enhancing the user experience.

5. Help keep track of transactions

Specific Payment Gateways in India allow merchants to keep a close eye on all their active payment links. The selling entity can access a real-time database that will give them all the relevant information regarding their payment links in one glance. Moreover, businesses can also track the orders in progress on the dashboard.

Zaakpay, for example, lets the merchant track the status of each payment due, with customized insights that can be added to the transaction regarding its status or any other information that the merchant may find relevant. Furthermore, the payment gateway also sends out alerts via messages and email for each successful payment.

This helps the merchant generate the payment link to keep track of all of their transactions. It is beneficial for those dealing with bulk orders and a large number of transactions.

6. Increase customer base

When customers find no speed breaker in the payment process, their overall shopping experience takes an upgrade. Not only does this spread via word-of-mouth, but it also helps retain loyal customers. As a result, online businesses enjoy increased sales and a hike in profits. 

7. Collect payments from anywhere

Online businesses operating out of the country can collect payments without letting geographical distance become a hindrance. The entire process of generating a payment link takes a mere second and can be done via a phone, laptop, or tablet.

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These are some of the many ways payment links have helped online businesses gather footing in India. Payment links have changed the landscape of online payment transactions in India, making the process faster, smoother and cheaper for all. 

The payment links revolution has propelled the era of contactless payments, which is set to rule the future of digital payments in this decade. Thus, the need for businesses to include payment links as a means to collect payments grows steadily.

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