How Can a Terrace Garden Be Set Up at a Low Cost?

As the population is growing in urban areas, space is scarce for gardening. Gardening is one of the healthiest habits to be happy in life. Due to the growth in the urban population, people have to live in apartments. This can be understood as more people need more space to live. And it is not possible to build houses everywhere. Due to busy life, people feel disconnected from nature.

Therefore, you have to find out how you can get connected to nature. You can go to a terrace garden or a rooftop garden. This is the best way to connect with nature again. You can grow ornamental flowers and trees in your rooftop garden. If you wish, you can also grow vegetables. These vegetables will be very good for your health. So start thinking about how to make a terrace garden.

If you spend just fifteen minutes to half an hour in your garden daily, your stress will be removed. Many people plan to construct a small terrace garden. But there is a problem. They do not have the basic idea of establishing a terrace garden. Don’t worry! This article will help all beginners to start a terrace garden.

1. Meaning of “Terrace garden”

“Terrace garden” means two different types of gardens.

a). A terrace garden means a garden that you can set up on a roof, terrace, or patio, they are generally constructed gardens in urban areas. They are mostly found in restaurants and big business establishments.

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b). We can also define a terrace garden as a garden, built-in series “terraced” beds against a hillside. Terrace agriculture means the way to utilize steep land. Some of the ancient examples of terrace gardens can be viewed in South America and Asia.

Terrace gardens set up on patios or rooftops are generally functional. They are designed with container plants that make the terrace easy to manage. Many gardeners also build raised beds on terraces for gardening purposes. The two most important things to consider while gardening is sun exposure and access to water.

How to set up a “Terrace Garden”?

Now, the question comes to your mind: how can you set up a terrace garden in your home. You have to collect important things which are required to construct a terrace garden. You have to follow the following steps:

a). Get some soil

b). Digging tools

c). Plants

d). Seeds, etc.

After following the above steps you can go for further steps.

First Step: Install Wind Barriers

There is a disadvantage of the terrace garden. The most common barrier is the high-speed wind. Yes, you will be facing these problems, while doing terrace gardening. High-speed windbreaks plants with tender stems. To stop this, you need to establish a wind barrier. This wind barrier will stop the high wind from damaging the plants. For example, Metal Sheds can resolve this problem easily.

Advantages of Metal Sheds:-

  • These sheds can be purchased at a lower price
  • Installation of metal sheds is easy.
  • These sheds will also protect your plants from extra sun lighting or heat and also rain
  • Try to “Prepare the Layout”
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You should think about how your garden should look. What exactly is needed to make a good terrace garden? Go ahead and prepare a nice layout.

You need to keep in mind the following things:-

  • Where you want the garden on your terrace,
  • Factors such as light and heat have to be considered.
  • You have to place weak plants in a shady area, and also you can think of hanging plant ideas. It is best to place climbing plants on the walls.
  • A convenient location is required for keeping the pots. It should be easy for you to water the plants.
  • You can “Go Organic”

One of the best options available is to go organic. If your budget is low, and you want to set your terrace garden, go organic. You will get all the necessary items that are needed to establish a terrace garden, in local nurseries. They are also available at reasonable prices. If you are following natural methods, this will be a very good idea. You must be aware that chemical pesticides are very costly. They are bad for health also.

You can create Raised Beds

If you are on a plan to set up a terrace garden, then we have a great idea. You can create raised beds adjacent to the walls, only if the roof supports. You should add metal raised beds. You can opt for concrete raised beds. Concrete beds are good for growing tall shrubs & small trees. In the case of concrete raised beds, use a waterproofing membrane & lay a thick root barrier. This will help to prevent any kind of damage, which can happen to the roof.

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Play with colors and plant types

You have to choose your plants carefully. Terrace garden requires proper maintenance to sustain and retain its beauty. You can think of the idea mentioned below:

1). You can opt for climber plants.

2). You can also go for plants that require less water.

3). You should think about cool colors and warm colors to balance the look of your lovely garden.

4). Try to grow small trees and shrubs.

5). You can opt for foliage plants and cactus type plants.

You can Utilize vertical space:

You should use vertical space in your terrace garden. This will utilize more space in the terrace garden. You can keep hanging planters on the railings or walls. You also have the option of climbers in a few numbers.

For example, you can use wall-hanging plant holders, recycling old plastic bottles or shoes, and tin cans. Go for a Plant English Ivy and Golden Pothos. Their cascading leaves make the installation look proper.


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