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Are you tired of being the small guy or girl in your group? Are you sick and tired of always being picked last for team sports, not finding clothes that fit, and feeling like people are staring at you because they think that there is something wrong with you?

If yes, then make sure you follow this guide! It will cover tips on how to gain weight. We’ll discuss what kinds of foods are best to eat when trying to gain weight as well as some other important things- all with the goal of helping you become a healthier person who feels more confident about yourself!

1. Start eating more calories than what you burn every day: The first step in gaining weight is to start eating more calories than what you burn every day. This will help your body gain the nutrients it needs for muscle development, which can lead to an increase in metabolic rate and a healthier fat composition. You should aim at having around 300 excess daily calories when trying to gain weight (so if you burn 2000 per day, then eat 2400). As long as these extra calories are from nutrient-dense foods, they’ll be helpful rather than harmful!

2. You need to consume enough protein: We’ve all heard about how important protein is for building muscle, but we don’t always understand why. Protein provides amino acids that our muscles need so that they can grow bigger; without enough of this critical macronutrient, we’ll never gain weight.

3. You need to add carbs: Carbohydrates provide our muscles with the energy they need to grow and recover from a tough workout, so it’s essential to gain weight that you eat enough of them to fuel your body properly.

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4.Don’t go overboard on calories or carbs: It’s tempting when trying to gain weight to just load up on everything because we want so badly to get bigger. But this can backfire by causing an increase in body fat rather than muscle mass – which then makes us heavier and even less healthy-looking.

5. Add strength training to your routine: Weightlifting has many benefits for people who want a leaner appearance, including increased metabolism, loss of excess fluid retention, stronger bones, improved posture, etc. You can also try weight training to help you gain weight, but it’s a good idea to make sure that your diet is in check first.

6. Drink plenty of water during workouts: When we’re trying to build muscle mass, our bodies need plenty of healthy liquids like water for muscles to recover after exercise and grow bigger. If they don’t get enough fluids, then their growth can be stunted or completely halted on account of dehydration.

7. Eat breakfast (and snacks): Breakfast is an important meal because when we skip it, our metabolism slows down, which will lead to slower weight loss. Eating at regular intervals also helps us stay full longer throughout the day; this way, we can avoid overeating during meals and keep off pounds more quickly!

8. Follow a healthy eating plan: You should start following a diet that includes plenty of vegetables, complex carbohydrates like whole grains, lean protein sources like eggs or beans, and fruits. You can consult a nutritionist and a dietician for advice and tips that are suitable for your weight gain journey.

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9. End your workout with a protein shake: This is one of the best ways to add on pounds without adding fat because it provides nutrients that are essential for muscle growth, vitamin B12, which boosts metabolism, electrolytes like potassium or magnesium to help prevent dehydration from exercise, and more.

10. Keep track of what you eat: One key element when gaining weight is knowing how much you eat. There are many weight gain apps that will help you track your calories and offer tips on keeping within a healthy calorie range for weight gain.

11. Do not skip meals: Skipping breakfast is never wise because it can lead to low blood sugar levels by lunchtime, making it harder for your body to process food as well as leading towards overeating later in the day. And skipping dinner or any other meal could also prevent your muscles from repairing themselves adequately after exercise, so don’t do this!

12. Get plenty of sleep: Getting enough sleep ensures proper repair time for muscles and cells. It’s also important to keep blood sugar levels steady, which can help with weight gain and prevent weight loss. You need to follow a sleep routine to get enough sleep.

13. Try supplements under medical supervision:  There are many supplements out there that can help with weight gain. CLA is one such supplement, which may be helpful in losing fat and building muscle by converting to a different type of body tissue. You can also try the apetamin pills as they are also known for promoting weight gain. But make sure to take the supplements under medical supervision so that there’s no risk involved.

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14. There’s no shame in this game: Body positivity is an issue many people struggle with these days because we live in a society where our body types are constantly put on display and criticized by other people who don’t understand them. It may be difficult sometimes but try to take it positively. You may be small now, but you can always try to build your self-esteem by doing things that make you feel good and proud of yourself.

15. Stay active (exercising) every day: Even if it’s just walking around the block, exercise is important for increasing muscle mass which equals more weight gained! If you have a sedentary job, keep in mind to take a break every hour and go for a brisk walk outside. It is essential to keep your body active to maintain a healthy weight.


You will find thousands of inspiring stories about weight gain success and how to become healthier. Remember, all you need is positivity, patience, and determination, so don’t lose hope in a short time. If you follow these tips and stay committed to the process, you will gain healthy weight.


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