Foods To Eat To Help Manage Series 7 Test Anxiety

Most experts discourage overeating a day before taking an important test like the Series 7 licensure exam. And while we can’t argue against that fact, because it’s already scientifically proven. There are still some foods that you are recommended to eat that can relieve the pressure before taking an exam.

To be clear, we’re not encouraging you to overeat because eating too much won’t bring any good to your mind and body in general. But in this article, we aim to boost confidence and mental preparedness. So, at least, you’ll have a fighting chance of passing the test.

So if you’re ready, then we invite you to continue reading as we’ll tackle some of the foods you can eat to help manage Series 7 test anxiety.

Let’s get started…

Eating As A ‘Stay-Calm’ Trick Before The Series 7 Test

Pressure-packed situations like taking a test elevate your body’s cortisol levels which trigger food cravings and destabilize your mood. And this is the reason why overeating is linked to taking an exam as mentioned above.

But the good thing is eating can serve as a conditioning technique before the exam, if you eat the right foods. So, without further ado, here’s the list of the foods you can eat to alleviate your tension and stabilize your emotional state before the Series 7 test:

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Green Leafy Vegetables

Studies show that eating vegetables produces happy hormones (dopamine) and mood-regulating neurotransmitters in the brain. Likewise, it helps you to feel calm and energetic. Moreover, according to an article medically reviewed by Kathy Shattler, a registered dietitian, not getting enough vegetables is said to increase the risk of obesity and chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

We recommend you to eat spinach as it contains folate, which releases dopamine into your brain, and other green leafy stuff like romaine lettuce, broccoli, and kale.


This fruit contains nutrients like vitamin E, potassium, folate, glutathione, and vitamin B which help your body to be relieved from stress. 

Aside from that, avocados are also scientifically proven to regulate blood sugar levels and help you feel sated, leading to mood regulation that conditions you to deal with stressful situations more effectively.

Turkey Breast

Though often a mainstay in most healthy diets, turkey breast is also recommended since it contains tryptophan amino acid that increases serotonin production to help you feel stuffed and happy. And the tryptophan on its own has a soothing effect, which helps you feel emotionally ready before taking the Series 7 exam.


This food is known to promote a healthy gut. And the study suggests that an unhealthy gut can impact your brain function and enhance negative emotions like depression and anxiety.

In addition, the good bacteria in yogurt can alter the brain chemistry and send signals to your brain to help regulate your mood.


These nutrient-dense nuts are not only good at lowering your heart rate and blood pressure but pistachios are also proven to reduce vascular constriction during stressful moments.

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Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts contain a lot of selenium which is a type of antioxidant. It helps to improve your mood and prevent cell damage. It also contains a lot of vitamin E, the lack of which makes people suffer from depression. But it is rich in selenium so you should not eat more than three to four brazil nuts a day.  

Dark chocolate

According to experts, dark chocolate helps reduce anxiety and stress. It contains flavonoids that are associated with neuroinflammation of the brain. And, it stimulates blood flow to the brain, reducing cell death. It is also a good source of tryptophan, magnesium which helps to improve depression and mood. 

Green tea

Green tea contains a “thiamine trusted source” which is an amino acid. It increases the body’s production of serotonin and dopamine which work to keep the mood calm. Green tea is an ideal addition to the daily diet for students. 

How To Overcome Test Anxiety

There are some strategies that can be used to reduce anxiety before your test. These make you more normal before the test, sharper the mind, and more focused. Then, let us know the strategies step by step:

Get plenty of sleep

You need to get plenty of sleep at night. Moderate sleep will make you feel fit and build confidence in your mind.

Don’t forget to eat and drink

Thinking too much dries out our brain cells, so we need to drink plenty of pure water. Soft drinks should be avoided, as the sugars in them increase arousal. You need to eat a balanced diet at regular intervals.

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Talk to your teacher

If you feel very anxious, talk to the teacher. He can take away your anxiety and give you quality advice about exam preparation. 

Establish a consistent pretest routine

Make a complete routine, record your activities in it and follow them. 

Study early and in similar places

Too much study before the test like all need to be covered at once increases anxiety. So, you have to make the study period short and read it step by step. 

Final Words

Through the article, you can find out which foods reduce anxiety and improve mood. Learn about nutrition from foods and tips to reduce student anxiety before exams. Tests are an important part of student life and everyone wants to score well. Anxiety is a big reason for not being able to score well. I am sure that if you follow the information given by me, you will not have this problem anymore and you will be able to score well on the test. 

In short, you’ll feel less nervous since your arteries are dilated, making you more focused and composed as you take the Series 7 exam. And, If you want to boost your chances of passing the Series 7 exam, you can click on this link and take this online video course.

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