Five Things You Must Do After You Meet with A Car Accident

A car accident is a frightening prospect, isn’t it? The fear of getting hurt rather bad is not the only concern. The ensuing pain of fixing things up complicates things. If any other party is responsible for the accident, you should take legal action against them. For that, you have to keep an account of your injury, treatment, and any other losses.

Often we are too hassled even to acknowledge the extent of our suffering. By the time we decide to take action, the crucial time is already passed. 

However, a Personal Injury Law Firm can bail us out of the required work. Here we mention five things that you must immediately do after you meet with a car accident.

Seek medical help

Often we are so shocked after an accident that it takes us some time before we check our injuries. This should not be the case. As soon as the accident occurs, you must quickly seek medical assistance. 

In simple language, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Even if you think you are absolutely fine, you must seek help. This is because you may have an internal injury that only test reports can reveal.

Apart from that, specific symptoms of injuries are not easily visible. You have to get an internal check-up done. Or these symptoms may reveal a week or so after the actual accident. Moreover, if you want to stake a personal injury claim, the sooner you get yourself checked, the better it is.

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If your family was also involved in the accident, get the kids checked up. Usually, children are unable to inform if they are hurt. In case there is a pregnant lady involved as the accident could have harmed her unborn baby. 

After you have met the doctor, document all the reports and compile them in a single file.

Take pictures

Next, you will have to take pictures of the crash. This includes everything that appears to be damaged. Try and take photos from as many angles as possible. You will have to submit your pictures to the insurance company. 

So, make sure that you are including all the aspects. Plus, you will need a photo of your insurance card and other related papers.

Suppose you are planning to claim for the injuries, your work increases. You will then have to take pictures of your injuries. This is to prove that the injuries you sustained were because of the accident. If more than one person is injured, you must prepare a separate file of photos for each.

The court needs proper documentation. If there is any detail missing, your case will become weak. You will then quickly lose your case and the claim as well. If required, you can take videos as well. This is necessary in case the damage is quite extensive. 

Maintain all this evidence in a single file so that it is easy for you to share it with your lawyers.

Stay away from the other party

While you are doing all this, you have to see that you do not try to converse with the other party. They may try to coax you into not initiating a case. Or they could threaten you to drop the case altogether. Try and move your vehicle to a safe location. If there are medical professionals, you might tell them about your injuries. 

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Immediately report the accident to the police. They do not accept evidence if you delay it. Also, call up your insurance company. If you do not inform them, it will be challenging to convince them the injuries are because of the same accident. 

Obtain the numbers, contact details, and car plate number of the other party. If you see any witnesses, you can take their contact details as well.

Move your vehicle to a safe place

Maybe after the accident, you are stuck in the middle of the road. This, coupled with the 911 vans, and you can imagine the traffic snarl it can cause. To avoid troubling others, move your vehicle to a safe zone. 

This will allow you to take the pictures and videos away from any distractions. Plus, now that you are out of the way, no one would bother troubling you.

Moving away is also a sign to the other party that you are not open to a discussion. They might try to influence you not to pursue the compensation case further. Or they may make you talk to their insurance company. 

This is done so that they can claim their insurance without any problem. you cannot be privy to all this action. Just move away and wait until all the proceedings are over.

Call and speak to the lawyer

You will have to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you out. They know how to present your documents so that you get better compensation. Again here, you will have to research a bit. Do not hire any lawyer that you get contact details of. 

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Also, if you already have a lawyer, discuss with him only if he has personal injury experience. 

Again make a compilation of the points you will discuss with him. There are certain things you have to mention in your documents. This includes pictures of your injuries, treatment details, cost of the treatment, etc. 

You can contact to know more about how the personal injury case will move ahead. 


A car accident happens when you least expect it. It is easy to lose calm and forget all the above points after the accident. But you must not panic and maintain a clear head in all situations. Contact a personal injury law company once you are done with all the evidence clicking. 

If you see any kind of the scope of compensation, it is better to take their help. Usually, these companies know how to create the case effectively. They are adept at arranging your evidence in a manner so that you get maximum compensation out of the other party. 


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