Feng Shui Decor Tips for Home Interiors

Feng Shui means “wind-water”. The concept of Feng Shui is of Chinese origin. The art is associated with home interior décorIn the hustle and bustle of our daily lives; it is always lovely to come back home to a place that is so calm and relaxing. We can take a deep breath and meditate or let our minds wander to all good things. Feng Shui adds good health and good luck to your home. It allows the flow of energy in specific orientations or spatial arrangements. All the elements together fill our homes with positive energy and make our mind and soul relaxed. The general guideline is to add extra space, play with ideal colors, and organize the furniture for proper ventilation. In this blog, we have tried to help you with fascinating feng shui ideas for home decor.  

Fang Shui is known for cleansing the aura of a room. It adds good health and luck to the particular place.

As per feng shui decor, a room should be proportionate for good living. Besides, the wall color of a feng shui home decor has a different meaning.

While white signifies purity, orange is related to a happy mood. The room should have enough light and air flowing. It should have plants and a perfect balance of masculine and feminine elements.

You should also clear the common routes of the house and declutter the home help. More ideas like metal and reflective decorative elements enhance the ambiance.

Leave The Appropriate Empty Space In A Room

You might understand the value of proportion for comfortable spacing if you have seen a sizeable vacant room with tiny furniture. Feng shui upholds the concept that all the elements of the room should be proportionate for healthy living. It would help if you left plenty of space for movement and the flow of positive energy.

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Colors of Your Wall Is More Important Than You Think

In Feng Shui, one of the most used words is ‘Chi.’ Chi is the universal energies, and here we are interested in adding positive Chi around us. It helps us realize that our home, whether north, south, west, or east, is required to be colored in specific ways to welcome a more positive vibe and feel. Did you know that the colors of the house affect our mood? If you face a white or bright wall, your energy and mood lift. Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, it is great to fill our house with subtle colors.  

List of what energies color activates:

1. Orange relates to a happy mood

2. Blue refers to a calm mind

3. Yellow relates to power 

4. Green relates to healing 

5. White relates to purity 

Place Sofa away from the door.

The expert interior designer suggests that if you keep your Sofa away from the door, it will enhance the room’s look. So consider rearranging the Sofa by pushing it towards the wall. This gives clarity of the look and comprehensive way to walk through. You can consider purchasing lovely furniture from Hometown and grab great deals by availing hometown offers

Decluttering your home help

The feng shui home decor believes that positive Chi brings good health, luck, and wealth. Decluttering is the first step to make a positive flow possible. Suppose you think that hiding your stuff will help you, then sorry to inform you that it won’t. Instead, this time clear out overstuffed closets, cabinets and shelves, and the bed’s space. Keep only the necessary items or the ones you love. It is time to learn a minimalized living.

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Get air and light flowing throughout your room.

Allow light, and wind to move freely in your house because that invites energy flow. If you have already decluttered your home, it will be easier for energy to flow. Now keep the windows open to increase airflow. If the house allows cross-ventilation, use the house construction mindfully. To maximize the light movement, keep the glass, windows, and mirrors clean. If you see a part of the house is darker, change the color of that area or put a bright light. 

Use plants or other accessories to contain the energy

According to Feng shui, plants are the most positive addition to your house. The motive of saying this is to keep the positive energy inside and not let it escape. So in front of the large open window, place the plant pots or use drapes or window blinds. To create a small view of the living room, you can add a red sea aquarium in the room having some rocks, coral, and water plants. Using plants is more helpful as it filters the air, creating a healthier, cleaner environment. Keep some plants like Spider Plant, Peace Lily, English Ivy, Succulent or Lucky Bamboo. 

Balance the Yin and Yang elements 

A critical concept of Feng shui is Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine). It believes that your home décor should balance these two elements. It is the balance of two opposite forces: night and day, dusk and dawn, and dark and light. Feng Shin applies this concept to create balance while decorating your home. All the furniture or elements give a masculine or feminine effect. To identify it and club the opposites together.  

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Clear The common routes of house

Efficiency is the key to feng shui. If you have already decluttered, you are halfway to the perfect setting. This time, you should take a look around and identify the obstacle you could face in the house’s most common route. For instance, the way to the washroom or kitchen should be huddle free and safe to walk through. Rearrange these spaces and consider putting rounded furniture to keep away from injury. 

Add Metal Element 

The metal attracts positive energy and beauty to the house. It also gives clarity and helps to improve productivity. Therefore, you can consider keeping a metal piece on the table or hang it on the wall. You can also add some decorative metal bowl at the center table. 

Use Reflective Decorative Elements 

As we saw before that reflective surfaces like mirrors or metallic elements help the circulation of positive energy. Therefore, consider putting more reflective surfaces in your house. It could be chandeliers, metal statues, mirror decorative pieces, and more. Ensure that it is rightly placed where it could reflect.


Feng Shui is a fantastic way to reorganize your house. It not only allows the flow of positive universal energy but also adds visual aesthetic for our house. In this blog, we have collected ten best feng shui home décor ideas to upgrade the house’s look. You can consider rearranging the house accordingly and let the positivity flow adding to your peace and comfort. Even if you don’t believe in feng shui, you can consider adding green plants, decluttering, and adding colors to your wall. So go ahead to give a new face to your home.


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