Do You Know The Best PNG Repairing Software?

How to open a PNG file? If you are searching for the Software that you can use to repair your corrupted PNG files, your search ends here. Here I have discussed the best Software named “Wondershare Repairit” and how to fix damaged data.

Some photos, videos, and files are memorable and unique for you, and you don’t want to lose them at any cost, but unfortunately, they got damaged. You cannot open a PNG file but don’t worry. Wondershare Repairit Software is a blessing because you can repair your corrupted videos, photos, and files irrespective of the level of damage.

Let us start!

What Are The Cause Of Not Opening PNG files?

Sometimes PNG file is not opening on Windows 10, and the following are the common causes of these problems.

  • When you frequently resize the PNG file, it gets Corrupted.
  • When the storage device gets infected with a Virus.
  • If there are clusters of bad sectors in your computer, then there are great chances that your PNG file will get damaged.
  • The presence of inoperable and unusable drivers ( corrupt drivers) makes the PNG files corrupted, and that’s why the PNG file is not opening on Windows 10.
  • Power failure, plug out the transfer when the file is being transferred cause the PNG file to get damaged.
  • When you use corrupted Software to open the PNG file, the file may get damaged.
  • Unacceptable file transfers also make the PNG file corrupted.
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What Are The Common Methods To Open A Corrupted PNG File?

Before knowing how to fix a corrupted PNG file using Repairit Wondershare, we discuss the standard steps to Open a Corrupted PNG file.

Conversion From PNG to JPG

When you convert the PNG file to a JPG file, you will get rid of your problem.

Follow the following steps to repair the PNG file.

  1. Open a web browser and go-to online PNG to a JPG converter.
  2. Here upload the corrupted PNG file that o want to repair.
  3. When the downloading is complete, then click on the Download file.

System File Checker in Windows 10

If your PNG file is not Opening on Windows, That checker is already present in your window system, and you can use it to repair the Damage PNG file. When you run this program, it scans all the broken or corrupted files and fixes them.

Follow the footsteps listed below to solve the problem

  1. Login to your window and go to the window menu.
  2. Type Run in the search box, and this will show the Run Windows.
  3. Type cmd and press enter key, and the command prompt will open.
  4. Type SFC/scan now and press OK.
  5. The scanning of the whole system will start to find out the corrupted or broken PNG files. And it automatically fixes the corrupted PNG files.
  6. Then, at last, restart your computer and try to open the PNG file. I hope so; the file will be repaired.

How to repair the corrupted PNG files By Using Repairit Wondershare?

“Wondershare” Repairit is a repairing software that you can fix your corrupted PNG files and corrupted photos and videos. Here we have discoursed step by step guide for your ease.

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Add Files

When you have installed this repairing Software, then open it on your computer. There will be the browse option, drop and drag facility, and add the corrupted or damaged file you want to fix.

Add Files


Repairing Of Files

Click on the Repair button to allow the Repairit software to fix the Corrupted PNG files.

Repairing Of Files


Preview The Files And Save

In the next step, examine the PNG files that the Repairit Wondershare fixes. In the preceding step, click on the save button to save the repaired file in the desired location of your computer system.

Preview The Files And Save

Click on the Save option to save the repaired file in the desired location of your computer system.

Why Should You Use The Wondershare Repairit?

  • You don’t face any difficulty during the repair if you follow the step-by-step guide.
  • The advanced features of “Wondershare” Repairit don’t make you feel hopeless during the corrupted PNG file.
  • The interface is user-friendly and quick to use.


Quick Scan

The Repairit scans the loaded PNG files very quickly and effectively.

Support All The File Formats

It is versatile in its features. It repairs not only the PNG files but also the PDF, DOCX, XLXS, and PPTS.

One-Click And Get Your Repaired file

The repairing of your corrupted file is one click away. With just one click, you can repair the PNG file and download it.

24/7 Support

You can get support about tech and learn at any time.

Cons Of Wondershare Repairit

You cannot use it on your mobile phone, that is the only disadvantage of this Software.

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Final Verdict

In this guide, you will know what is Repairit and how does it work? And what are the features that make you satisfied to use it? As we know, PNG is the most used image format, but sometimes the PNG file gets corrupted. In this situation, you go for Repairing Software. In this guide, we have discussed repairing PNG files without any tool and repairing Via “Wondershare Repairit” software to efficiently improve the


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