Dive like a Pro in Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii, is a bucket list diving destination for divers all around the world. This underwater gem is known for its pristine warm waters, high sea turtle activity, and unique topography. Volcanic activity under the surface has created intricate lava shoots, archways, and caverns that are fun to explore and have made the perfect homes for rare reef fish and larger creatures alike. 

From sea turtles to manta rays, monk seals to sharks – Maui’s crystal clear waters make diving a treat for any diver of any skill level. Bring your underwater camera for unreal photography that will look other-worldly and make all your friends back home jealous! 

When Should You Dive in Maui? 

One of the many wonderful things about Maui is that it is always diving season. It depends on what kinds of sea creatures or water conditions you hope to experience on your dive. Regardless, there isn’t a bad time to zip up your wetsuit and put on your goggles in Maui.

Of course, there are months with colder water temperatures than others, but in general, the waters of Hawaii are warm enough for diving year-round. You may want to pack your favorite 3mm thick wetsuit in winter, while summer months are warm enough for a thin 1mm rash guard. Water temperatures hang around 75-80° F (24-27° C), reaching its warmest around September.

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Water conditions vary daily, depending on rainfall, surf, and whether or not it’s a busy season. Water is typically most calm and almost glass-like between January and May. These conditions are great for stress-free diving, especially for beginners! 

Where in Maui Should I Book My Dive Expedition? 

It’s hard to go wrong in Maui when choosing your diving destination. There is a wide variety of dive sites and shore dive locations all along the coastlines of Maui, which is perfect for beginners and advanced divers alike. Advanced divers can enjoy the close-to-shore wonders or sign up for a boat dive if they prefer hitting the high seas and diving in the deep blue. 

Most of the high-traffic dive sites are reasonably close to each other. For divers that plan to do multiple dives during their stay in Maui, this makes hotel accommodations easy. One of the professional tips given to divers taking the plunge in Hawaii is to find dives appropriate for your skill level to avoid disappointment. Some dive sites have strong currents, and others can be quite deep – you don’t want to feel unequipped or unprepared for your dive. 

We’ve compiled a list of three of the most popular dive sites for beginners and experts. We’re excited for you to explore the water surrounding Maui! 

1. Molokini Crater

This underwater crater is the semi-submerged indention of an ancient (now dormant) volcano. Specific dive sights around Molokini have been designed for different diving skill levels and comfort levels. The inside of the main crater is a great dive site for new divers, while the back wall is more appropriate for advanced divers. 

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With stretches of colorful coral reefs and impeccable underwater visibility, this dive location is biodiverse and unlike any other in the world. 

2. Lahaina

Lahaina offers many dive sites, from shore diving to wreckage dives. You can take a charter from Lahaina to explore the Carthaginian II wreck site. This old whaling ship was sunk in 2005 to create an artificial reef and has excellent visibility. 

Another favorite is Mala Wharf, an easily accessible shore dive with sea turtles ready to welcome you to their home. If you hope to go further from shore, a charter excursion from Lahaina Harbor may pique your interest. These charters can take you out for cave diving experiences or allow you to swim alongside hammerhead sharks! 

Lahaina has plenty of diving options, and one will undoubtedly meet your dreams of exploring the Hawaiian underwater world. 

3. Wailea-Makena

This area of Maui is most suitable for first-time divers or experienced divers that are dusting off their flippers for the first time in a while. This area offers many shore diving options that are suitable for beginners. You can expect to see vibrant coral gardens, tropical fish, and sea turtles lounging around the reef systems. 

What Can I Expect of My Dive Time in Maui? 

The waters surrounding Maui are crystal clear year-round, creating the perfect destination to practice your underwater photography skills. 

Depending on the area you decide to visit, you can expect to see a smattering of gorgeous tropical fish, sea turtles munching on sea sponges, whale sharks, whitetip sharks, and humpback whales. There are also larger fish species, eels, and all kinds of fun sea creatures that cling to reef systems. No matter where you dive or what time of year, you will never experience anything like diving in Maui! 

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There are dozens of charters, dive shops, and even instructional diving classes that you can participate in around Maui, private scuba diving, and beginners diving including In2ScubaDivingMaui, which is close to all the best diving locations in Maui, Hawaii. Whether you’re an experienced diver or have never zipped up into a wetsuit, there are ways for you to experience all that Maui’s marine life has to offer. 


We are so excited about you planning your dive trip to Maui, so start packing your bags! We’ve discussed the beauty of the abundant underwater wonders you can expect to experience firsthand, but that’s not even the whole story. 

On shore days, you may find yourself hiking through Haleakala National Park, trying your hand at surfing, or enjoying a luau dinner and fire show along the glistening coastline. Maybe you’ll just lay where the white sand meets the turquoise waters and get that bronze tan you’ve longed for. 

No matter what you decide to fill your schedule with (or if you decide to leave it totally empty), your trip to Maui will not disappoint. Pack your bags and buy your plane tickets! It’s time for you to enter vacation mode!